Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Was feeling rather apprehrensive fore the entire thing.
Can't believe it's actually happening. I kinda forgot how it was like without braces.
My teeth wasn't very crooked as you can see in the photos below.
It's just the lower set of teeth that looked like tornado swept passed. 
Otherwise, quite passable riiiiiiiiight hahahahahaa.

Left: Upper set of teeth
Right: Lower set of teeth

Total cost: Less than $3K
Where? Emmanuel Dental Surgery
How long? Less than a year! (for me)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is for anyone who thought they couldn't make it and they did.

Y'know what's scary about moving on? You start to forget bit by bit about that person who once gave you so much to remember. You start to lose every bit of the romantic feeling you had, even the last butterfly you tried to hold on dearly left. And after all that, you start to question yourself if you ever even loved? What is love? What if you were just going through the motion of being in love and mistaken that as love? Bizarre, isn't it? Cause this is exactly what I am feeling right now and I am not sure if I'm supposed to feel happy or sad that soon, it's all becoming a history.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Brace yourself. Irina is finally done with the video.

I've to apologize for the bad sound and video quality and poor editing skill. I'm using Macbook, and the quality fluctuates, as if my Macbook has a life of its own really. I've realized filming in the day actually produces a much  better quality video than in the night. I hope whatever I'm trying to get across is clear enough to you, else you can always ask me on!!!



Ladies Night ah ah Ladies Night

It's been a long long while since I partied and that night was a blast for me! I haven't had so so so so so much fun in a long long time. It was so nice seeing Lucas (below in blue). It's been almost half a year since we last saw each other! I don't usually take photos in club but Lucas suggested so because we haven't met for so loooooooong. And here are the photos!!

I err, really had a lot of fun I don't even know or understand why or what was so special that night.
Still, I'm very very grateful.

Pink IC lo!

Most of you probably don't know this, but I was a Malaysian.
My mom applied for citizenship and we got it!!!
I don't really know if this will be my last home, but for now, it's cool :-)

Brought mom to Loysel's Toy cafe, feeling all excited because I wanted to surprise her badly.
When we got off the cab, she was like, "I've been here before..."
WHAT?! WHAT MOM. My mom is secretly a hipster.
She also enjoys the view of cute boys working there, like I do hehe.
Thank you mommy for everything on that random Thursday. I love you so very much.


It was a very exciting day for me cause I was really looking forward to it!!!!
Before, I go into the details, watch the video below to get an idea of what MP3 experiment is all about! 

So, they organized one in Singapore on Saturday!!! I was pretty apprehensive about how many would actually show up cause not many of my friends knew of the event. I didn't even know until Huisze told me. And we got there, it was such a pleasant surprise to see so so many spontaneous Singaporeans!!!! 
Exactly 2 minutes before 6pm, when we were supposed to press play.
I don't want to go into details of what we did. I'm gonna wait for the compiled video to be ready and post it up for y'all to see! So, be excited and stay tuned!!!!!! Heheheheh.

Random thing we did after the event while walking back to Vivo

I am not gonna start writing how I feel about this event cause once I start, I don't think I'd be able to stop. I can't wait for the video to be up so that I can share it with you guys, to better illustrate what I'm trying to say else y'all probably won't get it. To sum the event in one word, ALIVE. I did things I missed doing as a kid and never thought I could do it with so many others without getting judged. I'm already looking forward to next year's :')

Sunday's Family Day

This is a bad picture of me and my grandma.
She's so beautiful in real life. Nonetheless, ah ma wo ai ni. 
I love spending my Sunday morning with my family. It's okay to wake up early and sacrifice some sleep. It's not easy getting everyone together. It's not easy to have a meal together, feeling all relaxed, uninterrupted by work calls etc. I love Sundays, and maybe everyday too since I'm not troubled by both work and school hehe.

Friday, July 26, 2013


This is the best I can do hahaha. So don't judge.

I think this vlog is definitely better than my hair bun tutorial right??? See, I'm getting better /smug face/ hahaha. I don't know if the information provided is sufficient cause I don't know what y'all would like to know anyway, so lemme know if you need anything else/more. You can comment below or formspring me or go to ASK.FM/IRINATYT

Finally created, I'm probably the last one among my friends cause I was just scrolling through my formspring feed and realized it's all mine..... wtheck hahahaha. LAST ONE STANDING.

I feel so efficient these days hiakhiak. I'll try to get on with the selling post soon.
The thing is I'm not sure how the response will be and I don't want to waste unnecessary effort (take photos, edit photos, set a price, blog details, liaise with buyers, pack goods, mail goods etc.) and not even have anything sold. Honestly, I'd be mad if that happens. My clothes aren't really that fancy anyway but then again, one's trash could be another's treasure right? Ok. Lemme know if y'all REALLY REALLY want a selling post. Else, I might not do it. 

Oh yayyyy, it's raining now! Sweater weather (God knows I was perspiring too much).

 Just a little more love. 
Less judgmental. More understanding.
A little kinder. Smile to strangers if you can.
Mind your own business when necessary.
Everyone would be happier. Really.