Thursday, July 04, 2013


#DAY 3

Beach essentials requested by some of you:

Yes, I did have makeup on since I didn't intend to get into water. We had other activities to go to after the beach, hence the makeup for convenience. This trip was a lot more activity-based than the previous one. It's really a lot more hectic. And, I truly miss sitting by the beach with a book and coconut. Reason why I put myself through those activities was because, I wanted a balance. Since I've experienced the chill Phuket, bring on some sweat and dirt now haha.

SUNBLOCK - make sure it's above spf 30 and also, two separate sunblocks for face and body
FOUNDATION - I use hello flawless by benefit for light coverage and hydrating purpose
NIVEA LIP BALM - to moisturize since my lips often get dry
LIP STAIN - pop lip stain just to add some colour to not look pale
LEAVE-ON CONDITIONER - it's a must so that your hair will stay healthy from the sun and seawater

I don't know what else y'all will like to know but guess these are the fews? Not very helpful huh?
It's near the monsoon season in Phuket, so the sun was as glaring as it was in Feb, so there was no need for hats. I didn't even get sunburnt this time. The sun was pretty tame and it drizzled occasionally. So choose wisely when y'all wanna go. The unfortunate thing is, the beach was also nicer before the monsoon season but... BUT. The beach was emptier this time round too hehe. So, it's really up to what you want to achieve. Tanning? No tanning? Crowd? No Crowd?

Haziq dancing on bed. This was supposed to be a video.
It's be freaking hilarious if I managed to video it.

Remember in previous entry I mentioned, Haziq and I always end up doing stupid things?
Here's a few haha.
In the first video, I was challenged to a striptease.
Second, I was basically just being ridiculous haha.

So, then after chilling and the beach and all, we went for some action-pack activity!!!!


Honestly the whole experience was pretty nerve-wrecking. 
I was trying to be super cautious the whole time so that I won't flip like some others.
Thankfully, I survived!!! I should just go get a bike license.
Cause bikers told me this is way harder mwuahahahaha.

After that, we pampered ourselves to some fish spa and foot massage.
Yknow, I had massages for every single day when I was there.
It's so cheap and good omigawd.

Okay, bye for now!!!!!!
Look forward to next entry!


Lemme know if there's anything you wanna about Phuket,
and I'll get back to you asap!!!


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  1. The two videos is just too.. cute. Especially the one on strip tease! I think I just rape the play button.

    1. Aww I was so shy to upload it at first. Thank you :') heh heh

  2. Hi, could I ask where you brought your yellow bag? And how much is it? Anw you're very pretty!!! Hehe :)

    1. Hello!!!! Everything in that picture I have except for that bag and you just niceeeeeeeeee ask about that bag hahhaha so cute you. Well, I really have no clue. Sorry about it.

  3. Like your bikini! Where from ? :)