Friday, July 05, 2013


#DAY 4

Was greeted by one of the staff's kid before leaving the hotel.
He's so cute and had such pretty eyes which I failed to capture.
He was moving so much :'(

Leaving for Phi Phi Island!!!!
Initially, I wasn't very keen to go on this tour. I wanted to opt for other options like scube diving etc. Due to the monsoon season, the activities were limited. Hence, we chose Phi Phi island tour. Too many mentioned Phi Phi island to me before and after I've been to Phuket, so I had to go check it out and see how good it could be. The tourguide said, not going Phi Phi island is not like not going Sentosa in Singapore. So that made me kinda like, okay let's just do this!

Sorry for being such a stalker, but this guy was so so so so soooooooo so so SO sweet to his girlfriend. Because the waves were rough, the ride was pretty bumpy. He placed his hand there so that his gf wouldn't knock her head against the boat. I was so sad. I woke up and managed to snap this picture because I HIT MY HEAD TOO HARD. Hello? Sigh.

He's just damn sweet. Boyfriend of the year, I swear. Everything. EVERY DAMN THING, he would consider her first. She's like a princess. She didn't even lift her fingers at all!!!! (Not literally, of course) He was so nice, always checking if she's thirsty or hungry or nauseous (from the boat ride). There was this part where we had to put on life jacket. Then, I saw him immediately turned to his gf and helped her put hers on. And then, I wondered if this is normal. I turned back and looked at all the other couples on board. Nope. Everyone mind their own shit. No boyfriend was helping girlfriend. HOW SAD. She's so blessed and I hope she knows.

First stop: Maya Beach
It was pretty crowded at that time we were there. We were told the next island we're going would be much nicer than this, so we decided to stay dry and just explore what this island has to offer. 

It was pretty cool to see this. A campsite! 
Actually in Phuket, I saw a lot of rural areas beyond rural.
Like, you can never imagine someone actually lives there.
It's so broken and ruined, it's so evident there wouldn't be proper hygiene system.
It's intriguing but sad at the same time. I wish, I wish people of power/money would see things like this and extend help they're capable of giving.

I was exploring the other side of Maya Beach in the video. If you looked closely, it's an ideal place for jetty jump. I wish I had more guts. I kinda regretted not diving in, but I was also afraid. I didn't know what held me back cause all the reasons I thought of, now seem invalid. Damn.

 Random small hut. So cuteeee. 
We were wondering if it's meant for a pet.

Then, we left Maya Beach and continued our journey to Khai Island.
Along the way, we stopped at multiple places to check out the caves, and snorkeling sites.

The water was so clear. So blue. So green. So clear.

This video is to illustrate how bumpy the ride was. I was even kidding or exaggerating.
This was why that sweet boyfriend had to place his hand to cushion his girlfriend's head.

And then, after enduring the bumpy ride, we were finally at Khai Island!!!!!
I won't lie. Khai Island was beautiful.

Never played a volleyball game before and I learnt so much!!!
I even bruised my hand, but it was a really really good game.

After the game, Haziq and I found Erman sleeping hahahahahhaah.
He doesn't know this, wait till he sees this hahahahahahahaha.

With heavy heart, we then left.
Would I go any of those islands again?
No cause too troublesome but it was experience-worthy.

I didn't take any snorkeling pictures cause... I've seen better thing when I dive.
That's the shitty part about humans. Once you've a taste of something better, others will always be pale in comparison. Shucks.

#DAY 5

Many asked, why would you go somewhere you've been before in less than 6 months?
Or some even asked, why would you go somewhere you'd been with Jeremy? 
The thing is y'all don't understand, I'm not that sort who would be affected by the memory of a place. I always believe in overwriting memories with better ones. And what are the chances to not repeat something you've done with someone else before anyway? Isn't it silly to limit yourself to such? And, I see getting affected over the memories of places I've been before with him as a little silly because he stayed over at my place for months. If I were to be affected by such memories, then am I supposed to feel depressed and move out? Naaaaaaah, I'm better than that. Memories of places don't affect me, though I know it'd affect some other people. I've friends who can't deal with going to places for awhile. 

I thank God for giving me strength, for making me so strong. Stronger than I even realize.
Leaving Phuket gave me a sense of calmness, like "Irina, you've got this!"
Sea. Ocean. Waves. Water. They always have this healing power.
Like how you'd magically feel better after shower from a bad day?
Being so close to the sea gave me more serenity than ever, to calm all the chaos in my head.
I'm now clearer than ever, to live life, to fulfill, to achieve, to be Irina again.

That's all for my Phuket journey!!!!
If y'all have any questions, hit me at formspring or comment below!


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  1. Hi Irina!!! I really enjoy reading your posts about Phuket because I want a beach holiday so bad!! Anyway are there any bikinis to buy in Phuket?

    1. Hello there!!! You should go and experience a beach holiday yourself too! Go around November cause now monsoon season! Save $500-600 is enough to cover flight and everything alrd. There are bikinis there but idk if you'll like them. It kinda depends on where you stay. If you stay at a very commercialized beach like Patong, then yes you can shop. But my area, Surin, nothing much haha.