Monday, May 07, 2018


.... it was a good break.

Hey, you people! How have you been?

I haven’t blogged in awhile (lol I say this a lot, sorry!) and I have quite a bit to say so I thought why not just do up a short entry? Moreover, this has always been the safer and more intimate space for me to share my thoughts.

Before I set out on this holiday, I knew I wanted to create more content. There’s this part of me that constantly feels like I’m not doing enough - which is true. I have full time job commitments and it’s not easy juggling that with being an influencer. But there’s also this part of me that acknowledges the fact that I don’t have it in me to be the full-on-typical influencer. On weekends, I’m a total sloth. I spend most of my time in bed - Netflix and chilling, and/or cuddling with Ming. Many have asked, even during job interviews, why I don't choose to stick to my Instagram as a full time job. If you guys have followed me for long enough, you should know that this has never been my goal.

It did feel weird recording IG stories again, and posting them after not doing so for awhile now. But you guys are so sweet. You guys always have a way to make me feel like.... online is home? Thank you for responding actively to my mini vlogs on IG story.

When I was still in university, I used to say that I’ll delete my IG once I have a full time job. Guess what? Here I am. The funny thing is I started this blog to write about the ups and downs in my life. Fun fact: some of my friends say that I’ve a memory worse than goldfish. So, my blog not only helps me remember but naively, I wanted to build a community to support each other - to make sure that no one feels like they’re alone for what they’re going through. You gotta admit, at 18, it can feel like the end of the world when a boy breaks your heart haha.

And NOW, I have you guys reaching out to me, sharing LDR stories/ break up stories/ self love stories, it’s amazing. Funnily, I feel less alone in this process. I’ve always championed this phrase: women supporting women. To have experienced each other’s strength and vulnerability through anecdotes really inspire me.

This Instagram thing can get hard but I thank you, my dear Internet friends, for giving me the strength and support I need. I know it is a great blessing because not everyone in the world get to do two of what they like anyways.


(me writing this post and mom saw)
Mom: Ah! You're blogging? Japan?
Me: Ye...
Mom interrupts: Video? Photos?
Me: No la, mom. No video this time.
Mom: Why? Lazy?
Me: ......
Mom: I was looking forward to it.. *and then switches to talk about Angelababy's plastic surgery news*

For everyone, including you Mom - cause I know you'd be reading this, thank you for always giving me motivations and good vibes to continue creating genuine content.

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