Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is gonna be interesting haha.

Annoying Train Commuters Part 1: Please DO NOT block the right side escalator!!!

You know what I am talking about, do you? I believe you've such encounters too. It's just this bunch of ignorant and inconsiderate people who refuse and stand on the right side of escalators like they've all the time in the world to waste just because they missed their train! Hello, there's another train on the other track, I've to catch my train too yknow. That 1 minute... in that 1 minute, I could have boarded the train but thanks to you, standing there blocking everyone, we all missed our train. I'd have to wait for another 2-3mins for another train to come which might be packed (just pure bad luck) and then, I might have to wait for another 2-3 mins all over again. Do you know how much time I've wasted?!

I know I am no billionaire to calculate my time this way, but seriously... Save everyone the trouble and just move to your left, your life won't be shortened just by doing such simple act.

Of course, exception applies to the elderly, I understand and believe that they wouldn't know of such EQ rule. But the rest of you working adults, please... I wish I could have a loudhailer to scream into y'all faces in morning, "WAKE UP YOUR IDEAS GUYS!!!!" That phrase makes no sense but it's my sec sch teacher's fave line hehe and just thought it might be applicable haha. Oh how I miss Mr Woo.

Annoying Train Commuters Part 2: Please be considerate and MOVE IN!!!

Everyone wants to be on time esp during peak hours; to rush to office, school etc. So why not place yourself in others' shoes and move in, so others could be on time just like you?!?! Don't be such selfish divas because you're on the safe side, spare some thoughts for other stuck outside. Hate it when I see so much space inside/at the back of the train/bus and everyone squeezes so closely at the front and the door closes on you. What in the world...

3. Ask for my opinion and ignore it

People who look/ask for me for advices and opinions and yet, ignore/do not heed it. I know I'm no counselor or whatsoever, but at least respect and acknowledge the fact that I used up some of my brain juices just to help you with your damn problems.

Worst, for instance in the midst of class discussion or anything that sort, everyone is brainstorming for a solution. They say, it is a crucial and important time, every ideas count. So I tried to fight for my idea by raising my voice among the chaos of everyone throwing out their ideas, just so my idea would come through. It's not like they didn't hear it, I was quite certain they did but they just brushed it off obviously. And guess what? A while later, someone else repeated the same damn ideas, aaaaaaaaaaand everyone agreed. What is this bullshit man. I can't tolerate such biasness. No I just can't.

I don't know if this is considered pet peeve but I just have to get it out. Though such example makes me feel like a nobody... boohoo. 

4. Talk no action friends/people

You miss me? You wanna meet? Ok then, name the time and place. Let's meet.
What's so difficult about that??!?!?!?! If you can't carry that out, don't even say you miss me. Don't  you dare say you wanna meet. Don't. Stop giving me such hopes. It's so painful to go through... Shame on such friendships. (Oh, I can be such drama queen)

5.  One does not simply put down others just to make themselves feel better

I really can't respect/deal with such people. How can you ride on others' unhappiness?
Even if your beauty glows in the dark, I'd still NOT acknowledge that face of yours.


Now that I'm working (sort of), I really appreciate weekends even more. 
They say humans can't survive without hope. In this case, weekends/public holidays will be my source of hope to survive my 5 months internship. I count down to every Friday 6pm!
(that's the time I knock off)

This will be my picture on every Friday with the caption,
"OMG EXCITED!!!! IT'S TGIF!!!!" and then I count down to 6pm.

 Alright, serious weekly update:

1. Hoho's Trip to Aussie

She's going there to meet her sister. So before her flight at 2am, we had this impromptu meeting at her place. We played Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Deal is sorta our thing when we gather at Hoho's place. It is almost like a must haha, and the game can be quite amusing to watch with two competitive people around, Jeremy and Shamo. The Leos VS Scorpios. 

I know I sound real amateur here but who cares!
I gladly admit that I am a noobie, and that I won the two experts: Jeremy and Shamo kekeke.

And then, we turned into a bunch of kids, excitedly went down to the void deck to play lanterns and candles in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Fest.

Wanted to take more pictures but my phone died... so yeah. I am really sad about this.
Then Shamo said, "Live the moment", and I went "Okay".

We took a picture of us 3 before Hoho left, but the quality of my rear camera and lighting were so bad that no amount of editing would help. I can't bring myself to post such a horrid picture up. 
Sorry guys, anal me.

This is why, I've been eyeing on the iPhone 5. 
Though there's so much boasting going on about Samsung.

2. First Appointment to Change Braces Rubber

I don't think you can see the colour but it's Pink now!!!
So girly right... totally doesn't suit me, but my boyfriend loves me being demure so yeah ^^

Small rant: It hurts like crazy because there are springs stuck in between my bottom set of teeth, which is supposed to push my crooked tiny teeth apart for space, so that they can shift and straighten up.

3. Awesome Shopping Day

Ok, retail therapy. 
I shopped like the money I've, needs no effort to be earned.

Oh. How can I not trip for this boy? Just how.

Well, yeap! That's about it.
My weekdays are not worth mentioning cause
Im busy working and there's no need to bore you guys out with the details.

Wish you guys happy weekends out there!
I can feel the ominous Monday blues already.



Relationships are harder nowadays because conversation becomes texting, argument becomes phone calls, feelings become subliminal messages online. Sex becomes easy, the word love gets used out of context. Insecurities have become our way of thinking. Getting jealous becomes a habit, trust has been lost cheating becomes an accident, leaving becomes the only option and being hurt became natural.

With that above, I am glad that I've survived these eight months with my boy. 
Yes, nothing is easy and I cherish every moment we had.
Who knew we could have come this far, I mean, I never thought I could hold onto love for this long.
And yes, this is officially my longest relationship ever and still counting.

Will never forget the Valentine's gift.

So I think my girls (Hoho + Shamo) actually know how much this 8th would mean to me and they actually planned a surprise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What moved me most wasn't the actual surprise (sorry!) but the fact that they remember when the monthsary is though it's none of their business or should I say, is not directly related to them (?) You get my point right haha ok.

So, the other day, Shamo came over to my house telling me that there's this photography assignment for her class mini exhibition. She had to shoot based on a theme and she decided on 'Love' after being inspired by the wedding workshop she attended. Shamo, if you're reading this, I know you would think, "This Irina damn detailed. Wedding workshop also must say" hahaha. 

Anyway, yeah we had the shoot. Throughout the whole process, she was very strict about not letting us see the pictures until they're finalized and all edited. Which to me, ain't something new cause when I was modeling, some photographers can be quite secretive about their works and only show you the end-product and then, I thought, "Wow, Sham is really getting quite serious and into this thing huh". 

Then on 28th Sept morning, I was arrived at office. Switched on my laptop, checked Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised by what the girls did!!!! I've always been inspired by Bobby Kiran Photography, esp the series he did for couples. I always talk about it, so the girls know how much I would love to have something like that. I even showed Sham the photos as reference as she was taking the photos haha. Yes, I kinda did pressure her a bit... just a little bit keke~

They are so clever to come up with what Bobby would do: to have a whole album of beautiful pictures and cheesy captions about/dedicated to the couple. Was really speechless and stumped when I saw the album, didn't react for awhile till Hoho dropped me a text, asking if I've logged into FB.

The silly girls uploaded the album at midnight hoping that I'd see the pictures
at 28 Sept on the dot, but I went to bed early that night.
What would I do without them, man.

Sham's skill is really good right!!!! Yeah, it's beyond my expectations too!
Not because I think she can't produce good pictures but, she's always been so humble.
She always thinks she's not good enough and that her works can't match her classmates etc.
But we all know how good she is, eh hehe.
So people, give her a virtual clap hahaha.

Some of my fave shots:

Couldn't express enough gratitude for the love you guys showered and given me,
but I guess, that's why I have whole of this lifetime to love y'all back <3 p="p">

Friday, September 21, 2012


So, hi. 
How have you been?

I haven't written any lengthy entry in awhile and I want to; just to keep myself thinking... more. Yeah, I know how the act of thinking too much is actually not favorable. 

It is also one of those typical advices you get from friends when you're troubled/bothered about something, they'll offer what seems to be like the quickest solution of all, 
"Oh, you'll be fine! Stop thinking so much!"

Honestly, I feel that the process and act of thinking lead up to something really powerful. Be it a small or big thought. They gradually add up and guide you to a journey of self-discovery.
Don't you think so? 

You'd learn so much! What I meant by learning is not the superficial/obvious knowledge that you can obtain from books, but more of like the growth within you; the mental 'Ah-ha' moment you experience when you conquer self-doubt and finally, understanding yourself better.

Is this what they call spiritual growth? I am not too sure, and I'm too lazy to Google because I am so afraid to discover something interesting that might just interrupt my train of thoughts, and make me blog about it instead. I am trying to stay on track.

Regular readers, do you guys remember this?
I won't blame you if you don't, cause this was so long ago that it took me awhile to rmb what this is for anyway hahaha. This is a challenge which I'm supposed to complete within 30 days, but obviously I've failed quite pathetically considering how long I took hahahaha!!

The 5 challenges I've completed so far:


So here's the 6th one. It's gonna be short, cause I don't think I'd have a lot to say about music. I ain't hardcore nor am I a music expert, so yeah.

Songs that I listen to, I wouldn't consider them mainstream.
I am not really a fan of mainstream music. I know I've the I-listen-to-mainstream-music face, but nah. You'd be surprise but the range of songs I tune into. Mainstreams are cool, but I prefer something deeper than just the catchy beats and typical-yet-may-not-make-sense lyrics; something different from what the radio stations play; skews towards psychedelic, mellow, not necessary slow, slightly trippy sometimes. I ain't no hipster or indie or whatsoever, so don't judge.

Confession here: I am not good with genres. 
I can't categorize songs under the genres, so I can't really describe the genres of the songs I like.

Just that these songs get me into this certain sets of mood which I like and mainstreams can't do that for me. I don't know how to explain the mood part, but I'd embed some songs that's playing now on my iTunes and you can go check them out ;-)

I am very lucky to have some friends that share the same music taste with me, and we exchange songs. This is a relatively easy task for mainstreamers, but for me, it's hard to get people to understand what I am listening to. They tend to say, "It's so slow, man! I'm falling asleep!" So yeah, not a breezy thing to find people who appreciate what I appreciate.



I am so intrigued and amused by this creation: Unusual Swing Table

This would be such a fun addition to any place: home, office, school etc.

I am having so much fun picturing how would my life be/changed if I've this at home!
I'd be sitting down more often to study than lying down on my bed.
I'd randomly call up my friends and invite them to my place just to see and play with this.

Ah, so fun.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places. It needs people with moral courage willing to join the struggle to make the world habitable and humane and these qualities have little to do with success as our culture is the set.
Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


better, adj. and adv.

Will it get better?
It better.
Will it get better?
It better.
Will it get better?
It better.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Yes, guys. It is official.

I had made up my mind from all the previous dilemmas mentioned and decided to go with the braces plan. I am absolutely appreciative towards those who responded to my "LONGRANT" post. Thank you so much for all the advice, support, and guidance. 

You may think your words don't carry much weight and may not be really of help but you have no idea sometimes what you say might be what the person needs the most. So, thank you ☺☺☺

Ok, I think it is only right to fill you guys in on what I've figured regarding the "Braces vs Modeling vs Degree" situation. Well, now that I already have the braces on, modeling is definitely gonna be a problem. So, all my focus and attention will be channeled to my upcoming internship starting from 10 Sept to 8 Feb. Don't get me wrong, it's not because of the braces that I am so determined to do well for internship. This has been decided waaaaaay before I got my braces done. I am gonna give my all. I mean, I'm really scared. I've always been scared about the working life etc. Parents and teachers always scare you about how tough it is gonna be so of course, I'm nervous! Hence, all the more I wanna do well. 

FAQs about braces:

1. How much?
For both the upper and bottom sets, around $3.2k

2. Where?
Emmanuel Dental at Dhoby Ghaut

3. For how long?
1.5 years sigh~~~~

I never knew having braces on would be such a chore and of so much pain. The first few days drove me crazy. I salute and admire those who managed to pull through their braces years because on I contemplated about giving $500 just to have it remove! 

Some of the remarks my friends made, like "Irina for what you put braces?" or "Your teeth ok what!" encouraged me quite a bit to really have it remove. But then again, of course I didn't else, that would be really stupid.

I guess that was just a phase, kinda glad I am over it. My mouth and tongue weren't used to the metal pieces. For the very first time, my tongue felt weird in my mouth! How awkward is that? My tongue got scratched quite badly here and there by the metal pieces and ulcers began to develop over quite a few areas. Ulcers are no joke man! Seriously! 

I've finally moved on from soft diet to semi-soft, and I am couldn't be any more grateful. Else, I'd be having plain porridge everyday! The pain could be so annoying that you wouldn't feel like eating anything. Then again, on the other hand, my friends see this as a very good diet strategy/excuse. 

But guess what? Even though I eat lesser for a meal now, I snack a lot more in between meals. So that makes no difference right? Pretty unhealthy huh!

P.S Brushing teeth used to be such a simple task, and now I abhor it. If you never had braces, you wouldn't understand and that's ok. Count yourself lucky.