Sunday, September 30, 2012


Now that I'm working (sort of), I really appreciate weekends even more. 
They say humans can't survive without hope. In this case, weekends/public holidays will be my source of hope to survive my 5 months internship. I count down to every Friday 6pm!
(that's the time I knock off)

This will be my picture on every Friday with the caption,
"OMG EXCITED!!!! IT'S TGIF!!!!" and then I count down to 6pm.

 Alright, serious weekly update:

1. Hoho's Trip to Aussie

She's going there to meet her sister. So before her flight at 2am, we had this impromptu meeting at her place. We played Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Deal is sorta our thing when we gather at Hoho's place. It is almost like a must haha, and the game can be quite amusing to watch with two competitive people around, Jeremy and Shamo. The Leos VS Scorpios. 

I know I sound real amateur here but who cares!
I gladly admit that I am a noobie, and that I won the two experts: Jeremy and Shamo kekeke.

And then, we turned into a bunch of kids, excitedly went down to the void deck to play lanterns and candles in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Fest.

Wanted to take more pictures but my phone died... so yeah. I am really sad about this.
Then Shamo said, "Live the moment", and I went "Okay".

We took a picture of us 3 before Hoho left, but the quality of my rear camera and lighting were so bad that no amount of editing would help. I can't bring myself to post such a horrid picture up. 
Sorry guys, anal me.

This is why, I've been eyeing on the iPhone 5. 
Though there's so much boasting going on about Samsung.

2. First Appointment to Change Braces Rubber

I don't think you can see the colour but it's Pink now!!!
So girly right... totally doesn't suit me, but my boyfriend loves me being demure so yeah ^^

Small rant: It hurts like crazy because there are springs stuck in between my bottom set of teeth, which is supposed to push my crooked tiny teeth apart for space, so that they can shift and straighten up.

3. Awesome Shopping Day

Ok, retail therapy. 
I shopped like the money I've, needs no effort to be earned.

Oh. How can I not trip for this boy? Just how.

Well, yeap! That's about it.
My weekdays are not worth mentioning cause
Im busy working and there's no need to bore you guys out with the details.

Wish you guys happy weekends out there!
I can feel the ominous Monday blues already.


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