Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Yes, guys. It is official.

I had made up my mind from all the previous dilemmas mentioned and decided to go with the braces plan. I am absolutely appreciative towards those who responded to my "LONGRANT" post. Thank you so much for all the advice, support, and guidance. 

You may think your words don't carry much weight and may not be really of help but you have no idea sometimes what you say might be what the person needs the most. So, thank you ☺☺☺

Ok, I think it is only right to fill you guys in on what I've figured regarding the "Braces vs Modeling vs Degree" situation. Well, now that I already have the braces on, modeling is definitely gonna be a problem. So, all my focus and attention will be channeled to my upcoming internship starting from 10 Sept to 8 Feb. Don't get me wrong, it's not because of the braces that I am so determined to do well for internship. This has been decided waaaaaay before I got my braces done. I am gonna give my all. I mean, I'm really scared. I've always been scared about the working life etc. Parents and teachers always scare you about how tough it is gonna be so of course, I'm nervous! Hence, all the more I wanna do well. 

FAQs about braces:

1. How much?
For both the upper and bottom sets, around $3.2k

2. Where?
Emmanuel Dental at Dhoby Ghaut

3. For how long?
1.5 years sigh~~~~

I never knew having braces on would be such a chore and of so much pain. The first few days drove me crazy. I salute and admire those who managed to pull through their braces years because on I contemplated about giving $500 just to have it remove! 

Some of the remarks my friends made, like "Irina for what you put braces?" or "Your teeth ok what!" encouraged me quite a bit to really have it remove. But then again, of course I didn't else, that would be really stupid.

I guess that was just a phase, kinda glad I am over it. My mouth and tongue weren't used to the metal pieces. For the very first time, my tongue felt weird in my mouth! How awkward is that? My tongue got scratched quite badly here and there by the metal pieces and ulcers began to develop over quite a few areas. Ulcers are no joke man! Seriously! 

I've finally moved on from soft diet to semi-soft, and I am couldn't be any more grateful. Else, I'd be having plain porridge everyday! The pain could be so annoying that you wouldn't feel like eating anything. Then again, on the other hand, my friends see this as a very good diet strategy/excuse. 

But guess what? Even though I eat lesser for a meal now, I snack a lot more in between meals. So that makes no difference right? Pretty unhealthy huh!

P.S Brushing teeth used to be such a simple task, and now I abhor it. If you never had braces, you wouldn't understand and that's ok. Count yourself lucky.


  1. So happy to see that your previously mentioned dilemmas are alleviated for the short and intermediate term. Consider your decision an investment in yourself. 1.5 years will breeze by and you will still be super young but with a "Hollywood smile" to boot =D

    Besides...You & The BF look amazingly cute with matching metal hardware.

    I also have no doubt that you will do well at this upcoming internship if you make a wholehearted commitment to it. Since you're a Scorpio, think of it as a competition. Scorpios never lose when competing! Muahahaha

    Also, as Henry David Thoreau once noted: "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

    This internship is the stepping stone that will help you build the solid foundation you need to reach all of the castles you've built in the sky. Including the one about quitting your day job and traveling the world like an Arctic Tern.

    Just know that I'm rooting for Team Irina all the way and that you have all my support. Good luck on Monday!


    P.S. That friend you mentioned in your response to "LONG RANT" sounds very familiar. Perhaps I've met him at some point in my life. ;-]

    1. HI JD!!

      Glad to hear from you again! How's it going? Still staying up late at night, to do some hacking etc? Hahaha. Hope you're well! :-)

      I've started my internship and it's Day 3 today. I'm quite free. I haven't been given things to do yet, and I think that's normal considering this is only the third day. So I'm still waiting, that's why I've time to reply you haha.

      Random discovery: You know how people always say, "Hey, if you've any questions, feel free to approach me" which make them seem really really nice and through that, you feel comforted as well. But, I also realize it seems to be done for formality's sake. Like they don't really mean it, they're just saying it. I am not saying everyone is like that but only some... cause that's what I got here. Or maybe... I just happen to accidentally interrupt some very important thought process of theirs. Yeah... That's why kids are afraid to ask in questions in school as well isn't it?

      Ok, I'm gonna end here now. Have a lovely day, JD!!!!

  2. Hi Irina,
    for your braces is the $3.2k a fixed price for the braces, or it is the total of everything included (xray, extractions, consultations & etc)? Thanks for your post, it was encouraging for me! :))

    1. Hey dear!!! It's not a fixed price! I suspect the total is cheaper than 3.2k. Every consult I only have to pay $90 unless there's extractions etc. but all this will amount to less than 3.2k :-)