Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is gonna be interesting haha.

Annoying Train Commuters Part 1: Please DO NOT block the right side escalator!!!

You know what I am talking about, do you? I believe you've such encounters too. It's just this bunch of ignorant and inconsiderate people who refuse and stand on the right side of escalators like they've all the time in the world to waste just because they missed their train! Hello, there's another train on the other track, I've to catch my train too yknow. That 1 minute... in that 1 minute, I could have boarded the train but thanks to you, standing there blocking everyone, we all missed our train. I'd have to wait for another 2-3mins for another train to come which might be packed (just pure bad luck) and then, I might have to wait for another 2-3 mins all over again. Do you know how much time I've wasted?!

I know I am no billionaire to calculate my time this way, but seriously... Save everyone the trouble and just move to your left, your life won't be shortened just by doing such simple act.

Of course, exception applies to the elderly, I understand and believe that they wouldn't know of such EQ rule. But the rest of you working adults, please... I wish I could have a loudhailer to scream into y'all faces in morning, "WAKE UP YOUR IDEAS GUYS!!!!" That phrase makes no sense but it's my sec sch teacher's fave line hehe and just thought it might be applicable haha. Oh how I miss Mr Woo.

Annoying Train Commuters Part 2: Please be considerate and MOVE IN!!!

Everyone wants to be on time esp during peak hours; to rush to office, school etc. So why not place yourself in others' shoes and move in, so others could be on time just like you?!?! Don't be such selfish divas because you're on the safe side, spare some thoughts for other stuck outside. Hate it when I see so much space inside/at the back of the train/bus and everyone squeezes so closely at the front and the door closes on you. What in the world...

3. Ask for my opinion and ignore it

People who look/ask for me for advices and opinions and yet, ignore/do not heed it. I know I'm no counselor or whatsoever, but at least respect and acknowledge the fact that I used up some of my brain juices just to help you with your damn problems.

Worst, for instance in the midst of class discussion or anything that sort, everyone is brainstorming for a solution. They say, it is a crucial and important time, every ideas count. So I tried to fight for my idea by raising my voice among the chaos of everyone throwing out their ideas, just so my idea would come through. It's not like they didn't hear it, I was quite certain they did but they just brushed it off obviously. And guess what? A while later, someone else repeated the same damn ideas, aaaaaaaaaaand everyone agreed. What is this bullshit man. I can't tolerate such biasness. No I just can't.

I don't know if this is considered pet peeve but I just have to get it out. Though such example makes me feel like a nobody... boohoo. 

4. Talk no action friends/people

You miss me? You wanna meet? Ok then, name the time and place. Let's meet.
What's so difficult about that??!?!?!?! If you can't carry that out, don't even say you miss me. Don't  you dare say you wanna meet. Don't. Stop giving me such hopes. It's so painful to go through... Shame on such friendships. (Oh, I can be such drama queen)

5.  One does not simply put down others just to make themselves feel better

I really can't respect/deal with such people. How can you ride on others' unhappiness?
Even if your beauty glows in the dark, I'd still NOT acknowledge that face of yours.

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