Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Such an interesting movie.
Nice concept, filming techniques, storyline etc.

Y'all should watch it.
'Cause I love it.

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A situation that I was in today, made me appreciate this movie even more. 
It's simply because I find it relatable
I love things that I can relate to; the element of familiarity comforts me.

The line: "It's difficult to love yourself when nobody shows you how" got stuck in my head since the day I watched the movie. I think it is true that some people are incapable of love. It's not because they are selfish or self-centered, but it simply because they genuinely do not how: to love, give, and care. The movie shows a man who does not how to love, rejects love, unable to see the good in himself too. And a woman, is then introduced to teach him how to love.

The problem does not lie with ignorance, as long as they are open to learning and receiving love from others. It's just that it annoys me big time when they reject the love that was offered, as well as putting down others who are happily in love. Why? Just cause you see no love, others can't be in love?

They say, the amount of love you give, will be the amount of love you receive
It's all equal. So, why stingy with love? 

If you don't try and love, you're never gonna learn. Simple as that. I'd never taught I'd meet such a person. I don't know if I'm supposed to be intrigued by the rarity or to be sad/pity about it. I believe family, friends, and everything else play important roles in such a thing. I sincerely hope that person will be able to see what we see in love and be more open to it.

Oh, have you heard of this irony: Giving is actually one of the happiest thing you can ever receive
Get it? It's okay if you don't. Maybe someday you will *wink* Hehe.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This is such a hard and awkward post. Realize how long I took to make this post right? Hahaha.
Level of difficulty is directly proportionated to the time I'd take. I made this really general. 
 Not specifically to an ex but to all the guys I dated. 
So, please don't feel attacked. If you do, it's probably not you anyway.
Finally able to move on to the next challenge post:
Views on Mainstream Music


Wow, it feels awkward to revisit the blog after not updating for awhile.
I've been really busy with work and all. School started on the 17 April. 
But, I've been so so busy that I only attended school on that day itself.

Okay, let me start it off with the usual: Photos! Hehe.

Work #1: Shoot with Axis
Had a shoot recently, and the photos turned out better than what I expected.
Really happy about it. Hope that I can print them out and include them in my book.
Getting pretty bored by the same few photos, but too lazy to get my ass to do shoots.


Visited Wild Wild Wet with the Boy
It's gonna sound stupid to you. 
But it was my first time there, and I've gotta say that I'm quite impressed hahaha.
I thought it's gonna be quite lame, since many of friends told me there's nothing spectacular there.
Yes, there wasn't. But, remember who I went with... my boy. Hehe.
He made everything better for me.


Mind Cafe with Boy, Huisze and ShamG
This is also my very first time there. I have so many places I haven't been to in Singapore. Haha. So the Boy and I visited various tourist-like places together! Hehe. Huisze suggested for us to go to Mind Cafe together after a round of Monopoly Deal at her place. It was really fun. Played some games that I've never tried before. Good time, good games ;-)

 Truth/Dare Jenga

A dare: To hop on one leg and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Star"

A dare: Lick like a cat

A dare: Touch one's nose with own tongue 

My favourite photo so far. 
I think it's nice!
But the Boy begs to differ.


Irina's Day
Being a bratty girlfriend, I set a day which I called 'Irina's Day'. Haha.
Point of the day? Just go out and have fun!

Was also the Boy's very first trip to Marche. Hehehe. #suaku


Boy took out his gauges on Irina's Day. Yipee!!!
Good job! Very very proud of you Hehe.
And then I went to meet my girlies: Nat and Bitha

Always laughing so happily when I'm with my girlies.
They are so clown.

Work #2 Soo Kee Jewellery Show
It's my very first bridal + jewellery show, so I was kinda nervous.
Bridal shows are really tricky cause of the gowns with never-ending trains + heels.
Nevertheless, I'm glad to be booked and completed the show
w/o falling or making a fool out of myself hahaha.

At the fitting.
On the show day!
Just finished with our hair. Otw to get our makeup done.
All done! ;-)
Yingying and Kana!

Work #3 Crocs Show
Was really shocked to be booked for Crocs because I thought the client didn't fancy me during the casting. But of course, I'm really happy and honoured. 

Shopping to kill time after all done with hair and makeup.
And people just stared at us like crazy!
Irina, Renata, and Irina as well! Hehe.
I am Irina T.
And she is Irina Z.
Clients always get confused by our names.
Renata is such a lovely friend.

Haircut + Cereal Business with the Boy!

Someone got a new haircut and didn't believe it's nicer than before. Sheesh.


So handsome uh? 

Then we went for Cereal shopping! Hehehe.

Work #4 Marks & Spencer's Show
Yknow Wheelock where Borders used to be? It's now M&S! 
So they had a fashion show for their opening. 
It was a long walk or maybe it's just my weak stamina, boo. 
Did I mention I love the styling? It's nice!!! Overall, good show!

Done with hair and makeup 
After the show, I went to fetch my Boy from work.
Just have to see him everyday hehe :*

Work #5 Reckless Ericka for Men's Fashion Week 2012
Really truly honoured to be part of this year's MFW. Reckless Ericka had a really interesting concept for this show. Unisex kind of thing. So the male models were all wearing wigs! The audience kinda had to figure who's the guy and who's the real girl. I tried to walk real manly, I don't know if it worked out well. Hahahaha. But it's a reaaaally reaaaaaally good show. I enjoyed myself well! ;-)

Hair and makeup were simple cause they were aiming for the really natural/nude/minimal look.
Love how I've been seeing Renata for shows. 
I just love seeing familiar faces when I work.
Cool Wendy.
Cute Wendy.
How you wear the shoes when it's too small.
So this was how the guys looked like. 
Yurui and Yuze. Hehe.

And the Boy came to fetch me after work again.
I love how he is so patient and understanding when it comes to my work.
Thank you, love you so much hehe :*

Okay, that's all for my busy week update!!!
Have a good week ahead!!! Hehehehe.