Sunday, July 10, 2016


Benjamin Sim Buke Huang, I'm sure you're a nice person but still, your article is flawed in many ways.  
It's funny how you employ the term "kampung days" in an idealistic manner, as if it represents an era of innocence, simplicity and harmony. However, mind you that these so-called "kampung days" were fraught with backward practices such as racism, stereotyping and, at the heart of this issue, sexism.  
As a journalist with the power to influence, your attempt to glorify the good-old "kampung days" is, to put it bluntly, misguided. Rape and molest are age-old issues, harkening all the way back to biblical times (and then some, I presume). They are not modern issues brought about by 21st century vices. Whatever women wear, they will still be the victims of rape and molest. Thus, to ask that people's attitudes regress back to the "kampung days", rather than progress, is utterly irresponsible of you.  
By suggesting that females dress modestly to avoid rape and modest, you're essentially implying that such unspeakable acts are the fault of the victims. Women, like men, should be free to wear whatever they choose out in the public without fear. What needs to change is society's victims blaming attitude towards rape. Rapists and molesters, i.e the dentist in this article, are the ones who need to own up to their crime, and admit that the inherent dysfunction lies with them.

- Irina & Ming