Friday, November 30, 2012



I have been thinking and I want to change my blog url.

I'm intending to move to

I don't know when is the right time, and I don't know when I might do this.
I hope this entry will reach most of you, so that it doesn't seem like I've vanished without notice.

So, if you guys can no longer access 74hours in future,
it means that I've shifted. 

So see you guys there at irinatan soon yeah ;-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Pink has always been awesome.
So is this song of hers.


Between The Blogger & Reader

I, the writer, have the freedom to write what I want in this humble space of mine.

You, the reader, have the freedom to come uninvited and read about my life.

This is quite a commonsensical topic but I just have to address it because it's been bugging me for quite awhile. You might be puzzled by what I'm driving at, because it may not be applicable to any of you. And if you feel any pinch, don't be offended cause I'm speaking in general; not targeting anyone really. It's more like for the sake of voicing out my opinion.

As a reader, you should be grateful of the knowledge the writer is willing to share with you; her life, her problems, her hobbies, her families, her pictures etc. If you have a blogger that you follow closely, you would realize that you unconsciously develop this bond and form an invisible relationship with him/her even though you haven't met her but you felt like you know her. So, why ruin all of these by questioning the content he/she choose to post?

The writer chose not to lie but share with all honesty. Why should he/she face unnecessary questions and doubts from some readers just because truths are harder to handle and naturally get more unacceptable attention than lies. By interrogating and being so 'supportive', aren't you encouraging him/her to lie in future instead? Then we would be no different from media, right? Think about it.

Instead of scrutinizing the content I post, shouldn't you be glad that there's a platform for you to see another side of me that I probably wouldn't show? I love reading my friends' blogs. Even though we are absolutely close, there are obviously certain things that are hard to get out verbally, so we chose to pen it out instead.

If you are narrow minded and can't accept the content on my page, then don't. Don't read. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Why should I alter words just to suit your thoughts and beliefs. If my mom were to read my blog, I can safely say I have nothing to hide from her and she'd be totally understanding of every word I said. Even if there are things she doesn't know about, she wouldn't enquire too much because she respects privacy and space. She follows me on Instagram, and she sees the things I do but she never probes too much. I guess that's how family should be, you earn trust.

My mom, well... any parents should be happy and contented that they have access to their children's space or blog etc. If your children chose not to accept you on Facebook, think about the possible reasons why. Is it cause you poke your nose too much into what they do? Else, why would they mind? Privacy is essential to everyone. If I were a parent, I would be absolutely thrilled to have a platform to know what my children is up to, what they are doing, and understand what they're going through. 

The truth from their space is far more invaluable than the lies you get from mundane daily conversation you get on dining table. 

Treat the content on my blog like sacred conversations shared between you and I. 

So, keep my secrets well, will ya? Thank you very much.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How We Met & Progress - I

I get questions from curious people about how Jerm and I got together.
And, we've decided to write a post on it so that we can look back at it in future.
So here it goes:

Where we met?

Irina: In a club.
Jeremy: Yeah, Rebel.
Irina: No wait... That’s where we started talking b, but before that we sorta met... in Zirca isn't it? National Day 2011! But then, he wasn’t brave enough to hit on me, so his friend went ahead instead. He totally missed the chance.
Jeremy: Well, I wasn’t really into girls (in relationship sense) at that time. I was bad. I just wanted to fool around.
Irina: Actually I'm happy that we didn’t talk then, cause I didn’t want the course of events to change at all. Not even the unhappy and bitter bit of them.

So, where did you guys officially meet?

Jeremy: Rebel.
Irina: Yes, Rebel. My friends dragged me there halfway from Phuture/Zouk cause I was really high and drunk and they wanted to stop making a fool out of myself since I had some history there already ha ha.
Jeremy: She got there at about 3plus. She stood at the elevated step, looking right at me. She stood out from the rest.
Irina: He was the first one I noticed when I walked in. At that time, I was just high enough and I knew what I was doing. So, definitely it's not beer goggle.
Jeremy: She was bold. She gestured for me to go over to her.
Irina: Well… blame it on the alcohol. Ha ha ha.

Jeremy: I wasn’t even dressed that day. So I was really flattered to have her noticed me. So, I approached her.
Irina: I thought he’s cute. He just needed a little bit of polishing here and there. I was with a friend, Alicia. She pulled me over and battled with the loud music to say, “Omg no Irina. Get away from him.” And began to give me the “NO HE’S NOT CUTE AT ALL” deathly eye warning, which obviously I ignored.
Jeremy: We danced but only for awhile. The music ended 30-45 mins after she came.
Irina: Then, we went to 7-11 to grab a drink. Alicia was like, “Now under this light, look at him carefully and make your judgement.” I know he’s not thaaaaat cute then. He could be cuter if the black ear studs were gone, change the all-black attire/dressing/style, maybe the hairstyle too, and with a lil' bit more sleep would help as well. Ha ha.

Jeremy: Being the gentlemen I am, I offered to send her home. Irina then bumped into her guy friend who stopped her from me cause I was kinda notorious then. Irina didn't frequent Zirca/Rebel so she wouldn't know. She’s the Zouk kinda girl. Guys who've seen me brought girls home would naturally I have ill intentions but it's not like that. If I like a girl, I wouldn't treat her that way. And, I already like Irina then. So I wouldn't.
Irina: Yeap, I’ve this good friend telling me that Jerm was hanging out with few other girls before I was there. What am I supposed to think/feel then? Ha ha he said Jerm’s a total player! Well, I kinda figured but maybe he enjoys the company of girls right? I assured my friend and told him, "I’d probably forget all of this tomorrow morning, so don’t worry." and let Jerm sent me home anyway.

Jeremy: Of course, she remembered me the next day! I sent her a friend request on Facebook! Efficiency at its best. No wait, but before that I've something important to add. I planted a kiss on her cheek when I sent her home. That was a good move man. I really think that's good.
Irina: Actually I couldn’t remember, so I guess that kinda defeats the whole purpose of leaving an impression right? Muahahahaha. Don’t worry, I still love you hehehe.
Jeremy: Okkkkk. So, I asked her out on that very morning. She agreed quite suavely and we've been going out eversince.
Irina: And they live happily ever after till today… WAIT, YOU REALLY THINK SO? Nooo… this dude’s past gave me waaaaay too much problemsssssss. You’ve no idea ha ha.

So this is the part 1. Keep a lookout for part 2!!!!
Hope we didn't bore you!!!! Hehehehe.

If you've any questions you wanna ask us, just formspring me or leave a comment below!


P.S We are really amused and thankful at the same time, that you guys showed interests in our relationship. We think it's real cute and sweet, and we like that ^^ Have an awesome week ahead!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi guys, the bum is back.

*throws confetti*

It's been awhile huh.

Well, it's November already. I don't know if I should be happy or not.
In case, y'all didn't know but my birthday happens to fall on 15 November.
Which means, it's just around the corner.

I removed my birthdate on Facebook. And I wonder who would genuinely remember this year.
I just don't get the sudden influx of attention by people I have never spoken to yet are friends on Facebook for years, wish me Happy Birthday. I guess they have to, out of formalities. So to save them all these trouble, they don't have to know and see my birthday on the side panel. I know I'm not giving a good and convincing reason, but basically, important people who care will know.

And that's enough for me.

According to people, it's not supposed to be any ordinary birthday because I'm turning 21 this year.

And.... as boring as this is gonna sound, I don't intend to do anything.

Depressing, isn't it? 
Yeah, don't I sound like a boring person to you right now?

Well, I do have ideas but I just don't think they're gonna work out.
Sucks that my birthday falls on a Thursday this year.
Would love to throw a party, but I hate cliques.
Would love to have a simple gathering, but I hate cliche.
Would love to just have dinner, but I hate boring.
Would love to party, but I hate going through motion.
Now, I would love to skip my birthday but I'd regret.

If I really could, I'd wanna celebrate my birthday overseas.
Actually I wanna migrate. Been listening to Boston by Augustana.
I can relate to the girl in the song so much about going somewhere wear no one knows my name,
and start all over again, but that's just a lil' selfish isn't it?

I wish I'm just a lil' more brave when it comes to following my heart.

Early birthday present from my mom. 
I was really excited before I got it, now that I have it, I am not thrilled at all.
It seems the same as iPhone 4, just with better camera.
Shopped way too much and gonna continue to do so, just to make myself feel better.

Ok, till then.

The boring bum is gonna do some online shopping now.

Thanks for reading the bum's boring post.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Yes, indeed.

So readers, can you pardon me for my silence and let's just be comfortable.


If you are a regular blog-shopper, you'd have seen me on Runway Bandits. 
The owner, Swee, is such a pleasant person to work with.
My outdoor shoot with them went better than I thought, so I'm really happy.
Could even have some of the pictures in my book, yay!

Photographed by Amanda

I know I am damn lazy.

I hate that I just chuck photos into the entries, instead of really thinking and writing.




Wasn't like what I expected because honestly, last year I had so so so much fun.

But, I guess this year wasn't too bad either considering it was such a last minute decision.
Had no costume to wear, started to panic 3 hours before I left house. Called my gf to ask for costume.
And ta-dah, military chick for 2012.

Kinda slutty, but I don't really care.

I made myself promise, my costume gonna be aaaaaamazeballzzzzz.
Watch out.



This was quite some time back. 
Had picnic with my girls and Jeremy before he went into army.

Hoho is particularly amused with this picture,
cause of the difference in number of birds in each picture haha.

I don't have anything to say.

Other than, grateful.