Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Between The Blogger & Reader

I, the writer, have the freedom to write what I want in this humble space of mine.

You, the reader, have the freedom to come uninvited and read about my life.

This is quite a commonsensical topic but I just have to address it because it's been bugging me for quite awhile. You might be puzzled by what I'm driving at, because it may not be applicable to any of you. And if you feel any pinch, don't be offended cause I'm speaking in general; not targeting anyone really. It's more like for the sake of voicing out my opinion.

As a reader, you should be grateful of the knowledge the writer is willing to share with you; her life, her problems, her hobbies, her families, her pictures etc. If you have a blogger that you follow closely, you would realize that you unconsciously develop this bond and form an invisible relationship with him/her even though you haven't met her but you felt like you know her. So, why ruin all of these by questioning the content he/she choose to post?

The writer chose not to lie but share with all honesty. Why should he/she face unnecessary questions and doubts from some readers just because truths are harder to handle and naturally get more unacceptable attention than lies. By interrogating and being so 'supportive', aren't you encouraging him/her to lie in future instead? Then we would be no different from media, right? Think about it.

Instead of scrutinizing the content I post, shouldn't you be glad that there's a platform for you to see another side of me that I probably wouldn't show? I love reading my friends' blogs. Even though we are absolutely close, there are obviously certain things that are hard to get out verbally, so we chose to pen it out instead.

If you are narrow minded and can't accept the content on my page, then don't. Don't read. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Why should I alter words just to suit your thoughts and beliefs. If my mom were to read my blog, I can safely say I have nothing to hide from her and she'd be totally understanding of every word I said. Even if there are things she doesn't know about, she wouldn't enquire too much because she respects privacy and space. She follows me on Instagram, and she sees the things I do but she never probes too much. I guess that's how family should be, you earn trust.

My mom, well... any parents should be happy and contented that they have access to their children's space or blog etc. If your children chose not to accept you on Facebook, think about the possible reasons why. Is it cause you poke your nose too much into what they do? Else, why would they mind? Privacy is essential to everyone. If I were a parent, I would be absolutely thrilled to have a platform to know what my children is up to, what they are doing, and understand what they're going through. 

The truth from their space is far more invaluable than the lies you get from mundane daily conversation you get on dining table. 

Treat the content on my blog like sacred conversations shared between you and I. 

So, keep my secrets well, will ya? Thank you very much.


  1. Hey Irana, I've only just started reading you blog but I already do feel like I know you because you seem so open and your blogs kind of personal, it's nice. I've never seen anything controversial that you have written so I don't see how people could tell you they don't like what you put but I just wanna say I enjoy ready your posts and thanks ;) xx

    1. Hey Nannii,

      Thank you so much for being so supportive. It really means a lot. <3