Friday, February 24, 2017


How's everyone holding up now that we're getting into the third month of 2017? Hopefully the new year has been going great for you guys! My year started beautifully (and very coldly) in the foreign land of Vienna, Austria. I'll probably get into that some other time and save those stories for another blog post hehe!

Meanwhile, I shall just do a mini update on this space before it starts to mould... yikes.

I know I haven't been active for awhile now and that does make me wonder how many of you still read this space. I apologize if you've been popping in once in awhile to check for new content, only to be met with disappointment when finding none - you're a real trooper!!! If you're still here with me, just so you know... your presence is deeply and very much appreciated :')

So, let's begin with something more light-hearted! Here's a video that my friends and I put together for a trip we took last summer.

Even though it's just half a year ago, I feel like so much has changed. I used to be so adamant against and afraid of the idea and possibility of change. Now, I have come to terms with the fact that it is an inevitable part of growth... as long as we don't compromise the principles we believe dearly in.

There are quite a few of things that'll take place this year:

My convocation will take place this coming summer. I graduated last December and I'm not that kind of person who looks forward to any convocation. Truth to be told, the only thing that motivates me through my degree in the university I didn't like was my grandma. I did it for her. My grandparents were Malaysian and did not have it easy. They had eight kids they needed to put through school. We came from a small town where education was not given enough importance yet my grandfather pushed through to allow five of his daughters and three sons be schooled. They worked very hard, but eventually many of my aunts and uncles ended their education early so as to get job and help out the family. All my grandma ever wanted for a really long time now is to see her grandchildren graduate from an university. With all that shifting and immigrating from Malaysia, a lot of my cousins have grown apart from my grandma. Being the closest one to her in Singapore, I feel responsible for this dream of hers. 

So yes, brace yourself for my grandma and I at the convocation this summer!

Ming's convocation will also take place this June/July. That can only mean two things - the end of our LDR and the start of a whole new ball game. By then, hopefully, we'd both be working full-time. With that, we need to learn how to, again, work around our schedules. We are both fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it) very intertwined with each other's social circles. 

From there, we have to understand how to strategically allocate and distribute our free time for both family and friends and also, to ourselves. Sometimes, it does feel like we're always caught up in this race with time. In a LDR, we don't have the privilege of time to do a lot of things so sometimes we try to squeeze as much as we can into a week. There was this week where we did nothing but meet up with each other's different groups of friends and spend time with each other's family. By the end of the week, we hardly have time or energy for ourselves.

If this is what adulting is, one part of me wants no part of it. 
However, the other part of me says ok, come at me bruh.