Saturday, July 12, 2014



Wood-watch! How cool is that?
Never a watch-person but Ticktorque's self-manufactured watch complements most of my outfits so well with its neutral and earthy colours, I love wearing it as an accessory (cause my ultimate clock is still my phone). Besides all the good stuff like how it is made with real bamboo wood and genuine leather, Tickintorque provides engraving services on their leather strap - yes, so personalised!!!

With that said and all superstitions aside, I think Tickintorque's watches make a real good gift for friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/loved ones *yipee*

Friday, July 04, 2014


Today, I've something good to share!!! The wonderful Essensuals Bugis has decided to thank the people around them for their continuous support and that includes YOU. They'll be rewarding ANY three of you (who's currently reading this) to win absolutely attractive prizes!!!!!!!

First of all, lemme go about talking a little about my over exaggerated hair transformation.

Yes, I.... in the salon made a mountain out of molehill. I asked Glenn, my stylist so many questions filled with fear and paranoid simply because I've NEVER gotten out of comfort zone or actually never gotten anywhere with my hair. For all the time I've visited Essensuals Bugis, it's so typical of me to colour brown - according to Glenn, I've covered all shades of brown in the colour sample book hahahahaha. 

Why wasn't I adventurous with my hair? 

1. I had to seek permission for hair plans
Yes. Permission. Being contracted to an agency means surrendering your being to management. Hair is the crowning glory of a woman so it's an essential tool to clinching jobs. Any self-modification changes has to go through the agency for approval. This is detrimental because..... for instance, client has always known that model for her brown hair and just nice she fits the next shoot they're planning for. Client calls agency up and books the models. Model shows up in red or different coloured hair. Client would FLIP. First, this reflects poorly on the agency's reputation. Second, obvious poor communication between model and agency. Third, utterly unprofessional. 

If there's any drastic change in terms of hair i.e. the length, new photos have to be taken to update portfolio and composite card (something like a model's name card). It's a lot of trouble just for hair therefore we usually need to consult our agents before making any hair plans. And I'm so used to my hair being under the control of my agency, it's never occurred to me to do anything drastic in terms of colour as it'll cost me my jobs. The time I cut my hair short (above shoulder length), was a decision/suggestion from someone notable in the industry. For something I've never learnt to make decisions for and calling my own shot on it now, it's like baby birds learning how to fly.

2. My hair was not healthy to begin with
From all the shows and work I've done, constant hairspray, teasing, direct heat contact etc., my hair is definitely not in the state where I can afford any more damage....... till Essensuals Bugis nursed it back to health hehehee :') 

3. Most clients ain't adventurous
If I'm an European girl with a coloured hair, many would perceive me as cool and praise me for my individualistic character. However, being an Asian doesn't give me that sort of advantage and I'm pretty sure having colored hair equates to not getting runway/high fashion jobs.

Why the sudden change in decision?
I'm quitting my agency. With school and everything going on, I rather call my own shot and manage my own erratic schedule. Having control of what I can do and what I cannot do, just feels more comforting. Of course it is tougher also to handle everything myself now, since I'm used to having people doing it for me. Though so, I feel a lot more carefree right now despite the weights on my shoulders.... like my body and being now belongs to me. And, I do not have to care about my measurements as much as before.

This subtle green, to me, signifies the rebellion towards the system and new-found freedom. 


We would love you gift you with:
1. $30 worth Essensuals Bugis vouchers
2. Professional hair care & styling products
3. Membership card!!!

How to take part:
1. Simply complete this sentence, "I love Essensuals Bugis because....." below with an email for us to contact you (remember to be outstanding!)
OR 2. You can simply tag us (@essensualsbugis and @irinatyt) in any of your Instagram photos! Caption to complete the sentence #loveessensualsbugis because..... otherwise it's invalid! 
3. ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE IN BY THIS WEEK! So hurry hurry guys~


Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I take time off to blog because I think it's imperative for you guys to understand the recent change in my lifestyle to avoid any further misunderstandings in future:

1. My Schedule is Madness

I can barely breathe. Not kidding. If you've been following me closely on Instagram, you would have known my tests ended few weeks back and guess what? Next week, there will be another wave of tests. I'm sooo.... drained. On weekends, I barely have time for myself anymore. To juggle school, work, family, friends and miscellaneous activities is simply not easy. I really would like to cut down on my work frequency. Currently working 2-3 days per week; allowing work to suck remaining of my soul, leaving none for revision when I get home. Me being me, I often feel bad rejecting gigs; knowing that they need me for the launch of next collection. I clearly need to learn how to say no.

2. I Am Not Perfect

Finally encountered my first conflict with a client when it comes to dealing with adverts. I've met really really (I wish I can stress enough how nice they are) online store owners whom have shown me ample amount of mercy, understanding and empathy towards my crazy schedule: Joyce from Its Hatched and Clara from TickinTorque. They're the best, really.

I was supposed to meet an advert deadline last Sunday but I didn't; simply because I was so overwhelmed with assignments and personal affairs. I packed my apology with sincerity and remorse and the response I received was of a huge contrast to the usuals. I was rather surprised by the retaliation of unprofessionalism. I understand that it is only right to be angry at an irresponsible influencer who didn't deliver what she's supposed to but ultimately, for someone who's running a business and also a fellow human, it wouldn't hurt to show some empathy and practice interpersonal skill to maintain good relationship for the health of the brand she's representing. If I could, I would have delivered the photos for the advert. Why would I stall on purpose? I was so busy I didn't even have the time to open up the goddamn parcel. All in all, I'm very much engulfed with guilt. I refunded the money because I couldn't stand wallowing in such unnecessary stress. 

For a collaboration to be a success, a healthy working relationship is very much needed.

3. School is Top Priority

As of now, if you would like to engage any form of my service, please understand that school will definitely triumph over anything else (except personal emergencies). I could have declined gigs but maybe, the ambitious and the willingness in me to help overestimated my competency in time management. Do not, let me reemphasise, do not approach me if you need whatever required to be done in a hurry or by specific deadline.

Ok. I've said it all out here. Black and white. Take your own risk, guys.
Irina, back to Psychology revision.