Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I take time off to blog because I think it's imperative for you guys to understand the recent change in my lifestyle to avoid any further misunderstandings in future:

1. My Schedule is Madness

I can barely breathe. Not kidding. If you've been following me closely on Instagram, you would have known my tests ended few weeks back and guess what? Next week, there will be another wave of tests. I'm sooo.... drained. On weekends, I barely have time for myself anymore. To juggle school, work, family, friends and miscellaneous activities is simply not easy. I really would like to cut down on my work frequency. Currently working 2-3 days per week; allowing work to suck remaining of my soul, leaving none for revision when I get home. Me being me, I often feel bad rejecting gigs; knowing that they need me for the launch of next collection. I clearly need to learn how to say no.

2. I Am Not Perfect

Finally encountered my first conflict with a client when it comes to dealing with adverts. I've met really really (I wish I can stress enough how nice they are) online store owners whom have shown me ample amount of mercy, understanding and empathy towards my crazy schedule: Joyce from Its Hatched and Clara from TickinTorque. They're the best, really.

I was supposed to meet an advert deadline last Sunday but I didn't; simply because I was so overwhelmed with assignments and personal affairs. I packed my apology with sincerity and remorse and the response I received was of a huge contrast to the usuals. I was rather surprised by the retaliation of unprofessionalism. I understand that it is only right to be angry at an irresponsible influencer who didn't deliver what she's supposed to but ultimately, for someone who's running a business and also a fellow human, it wouldn't hurt to show some empathy and practice interpersonal skill to maintain good relationship for the health of the brand she's representing. If I could, I would have delivered the photos for the advert. Why would I stall on purpose? I was so busy I didn't even have the time to open up the goddamn parcel. All in all, I'm very much engulfed with guilt. I refunded the money because I couldn't stand wallowing in such unnecessary stress. 

For a collaboration to be a success, a healthy working relationship is very much needed.

3. School is Top Priority

As of now, if you would like to engage any form of my service, please understand that school will definitely triumph over anything else (except personal emergencies). I could have declined gigs but maybe, the ambitious and the willingness in me to help overestimated my competency in time management. Do not, let me reemphasise, do not approach me if you need whatever required to be done in a hurry or by specific deadline.

Ok. I've said it all out here. Black and white. Take your own risk, guys.
Irina, back to Psychology revision.


  1. Hey Irinanana!
    I hope everybody's great and fine!!!! (Your fam and friends!!) I just want to say, hang in there Irinananana!!!! Tough times don't last, only tough Irinanana do!!! 💪
    It's been soooo long since I last wrote you an email, but to save a liiiiittle more of your time, I guess a comment works well too! Hehe
    All the best for your papers, career and most importantly, in pursuing your happiness :-)
    You can do it, Irinanana!!

    In the midst of all these, please take good care of yourself, drink up (because it's gonna be as hot as f these few days - from the news haha) and don't fall sick, okay?

    Best of luck, Irinanana!

    1. Why are you so sweet, my dear. Thank you, I'll look after myself and you too, please. I would love to draft you a long reply but I gotta get going with my assignments! This is just to acknowledge I've seen this lovely message <3