Friday, September 21, 2012


So, hi. 
How have you been?

I haven't written any lengthy entry in awhile and I want to; just to keep myself thinking... more. Yeah, I know how the act of thinking too much is actually not favorable. 

It is also one of those typical advices you get from friends when you're troubled/bothered about something, they'll offer what seems to be like the quickest solution of all, 
"Oh, you'll be fine! Stop thinking so much!"

Honestly, I feel that the process and act of thinking lead up to something really powerful. Be it a small or big thought. They gradually add up and guide you to a journey of self-discovery.
Don't you think so? 

You'd learn so much! What I meant by learning is not the superficial/obvious knowledge that you can obtain from books, but more of like the growth within you; the mental 'Ah-ha' moment you experience when you conquer self-doubt and finally, understanding yourself better.

Is this what they call spiritual growth? I am not too sure, and I'm too lazy to Google because I am so afraid to discover something interesting that might just interrupt my train of thoughts, and make me blog about it instead. I am trying to stay on track.

Regular readers, do you guys remember this?
I won't blame you if you don't, cause this was so long ago that it took me awhile to rmb what this is for anyway hahaha. This is a challenge which I'm supposed to complete within 30 days, but obviously I've failed quite pathetically considering how long I took hahahaha!!

The 5 challenges I've completed so far:


So here's the 6th one. It's gonna be short, cause I don't think I'd have a lot to say about music. I ain't hardcore nor am I a music expert, so yeah.

Songs that I listen to, I wouldn't consider them mainstream.
I am not really a fan of mainstream music. I know I've the I-listen-to-mainstream-music face, but nah. You'd be surprise but the range of songs I tune into. Mainstreams are cool, but I prefer something deeper than just the catchy beats and typical-yet-may-not-make-sense lyrics; something different from what the radio stations play; skews towards psychedelic, mellow, not necessary slow, slightly trippy sometimes. I ain't no hipster or indie or whatsoever, so don't judge.

Confession here: I am not good with genres. 
I can't categorize songs under the genres, so I can't really describe the genres of the songs I like.

Just that these songs get me into this certain sets of mood which I like and mainstreams can't do that for me. I don't know how to explain the mood part, but I'd embed some songs that's playing now on my iTunes and you can go check them out ;-)

I am very lucky to have some friends that share the same music taste with me, and we exchange songs. This is a relatively easy task for mainstreamers, but for me, it's hard to get people to understand what I am listening to. They tend to say, "It's so slow, man! I'm falling asleep!" So yeah, not a breezy thing to find people who appreciate what I appreciate.


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  1. "Telepopmusik is such a good genre, mannnnnn." hahahaha =P