Sunday, September 30, 2012


Relationships are harder nowadays because conversation becomes texting, argument becomes phone calls, feelings become subliminal messages online. Sex becomes easy, the word love gets used out of context. Insecurities have become our way of thinking. Getting jealous becomes a habit, trust has been lost cheating becomes an accident, leaving becomes the only option and being hurt became natural.

With that above, I am glad that I've survived these eight months with my boy. 
Yes, nothing is easy and I cherish every moment we had.
Who knew we could have come this far, I mean, I never thought I could hold onto love for this long.
And yes, this is officially my longest relationship ever and still counting.

Will never forget the Valentine's gift.

So I think my girls (Hoho + Shamo) actually know how much this 8th would mean to me and they actually planned a surprise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What moved me most wasn't the actual surprise (sorry!) but the fact that they remember when the monthsary is though it's none of their business or should I say, is not directly related to them (?) You get my point right haha ok.

So, the other day, Shamo came over to my house telling me that there's this photography assignment for her class mini exhibition. She had to shoot based on a theme and she decided on 'Love' after being inspired by the wedding workshop she attended. Shamo, if you're reading this, I know you would think, "This Irina damn detailed. Wedding workshop also must say" hahaha. 

Anyway, yeah we had the shoot. Throughout the whole process, she was very strict about not letting us see the pictures until they're finalized and all edited. Which to me, ain't something new cause when I was modeling, some photographers can be quite secretive about their works and only show you the end-product and then, I thought, "Wow, Sham is really getting quite serious and into this thing huh". 

Then on 28th Sept morning, I was arrived at office. Switched on my laptop, checked Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised by what the girls did!!!! I've always been inspired by Bobby Kiran Photography, esp the series he did for couples. I always talk about it, so the girls know how much I would love to have something like that. I even showed Sham the photos as reference as she was taking the photos haha. Yes, I kinda did pressure her a bit... just a little bit keke~

They are so clever to come up with what Bobby would do: to have a whole album of beautiful pictures and cheesy captions about/dedicated to the couple. Was really speechless and stumped when I saw the album, didn't react for awhile till Hoho dropped me a text, asking if I've logged into FB.

The silly girls uploaded the album at midnight hoping that I'd see the pictures
at 28 Sept on the dot, but I went to bed early that night.
What would I do without them, man.

Sham's skill is really good right!!!! Yeah, it's beyond my expectations too!
Not because I think she can't produce good pictures but, she's always been so humble.
She always thinks she's not good enough and that her works can't match her classmates etc.
But we all know how good she is, eh hehe.
So people, give her a virtual clap hahaha.

Some of my fave shots:

Couldn't express enough gratitude for the love you guys showered and given me,
but I guess, that's why I have whole of this lifetime to love y'all back <3 p="p">

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