Wednesday, July 03, 2013


(It's a torture to learn Thai, cause I suck at it)

Been longing for a getaway and I did at the most apt time ever.
When the haze hit Singapore and broke its record.
I was away for 5 days this time, so when I got back, the haze cleared hehe!

Went with my good friend, Haziq. We've been friends since secondary school; always doing the stupidest thing ever in Art & Malay class, talking nonsense, and doing more nonsense stuff till today.
And also Erman, my poly friend, who's going over to Phuket to reunite with his girlfriend there.


Check in: Quip Bed & Breakfast (one night)
$33 per night

Day 1 wasn't exactly Day 1. More like Night 1 since we arrived pretty late
and took us quite some time to get to the hotel, but we had a hearty dinner hehe.

Y'all have been asking for vlogs and tutorials, and I said "I'm bad with videos" and this is the post where you'll see why hahahaha. And since it's my first time using Vimeo and I was told to wait 40 minutes for the video conversion. Is this normal? If yes, does that mean for every video I upload, I'd have to wait 40 minutes long or is it a first-time user thing? If it's mandatory, then heck it.

#DAY 2

Quip Bed & Breakfast is located in Phuket Town, away from the beach but it has a lot of nice (old) buildings for sight-seeing. Too bad we didn't have enough time to roam around. We only did for a short while and had to move to Surin for the rest of our stay.

These videos weren't meant to be vlogs. They were random videos I sent to my friends to let them know how I was doing since I was too lazy to type and update each of them separately. And it is, on my blog. So, don't judge if it's short and lame cause most of them are about so hahahaha.

"Can we go here after this?"
"What about there? I want to go there too"
"We later go that place k?"
Was too eager to start my day, sharing all my plans with Haziq on all the places we should explore.

After breakfast and checking out, we roamed around the town for abit.
There weren't a lot to see cause it was still early. The shops usually only open after 11AM.
It was about 9plus 10? We didn't want to roam too far either. So we just walked around the vicinity. 

After that, we headed to Surin. 
Thank you, Erman for knowing who to drive else it'd be difficult to move around from places to places. The taxi fares there are pretty steep, that's because no matter where we are, even in Singapore, people tend to exploit the tourists and foreigners. You can always try bargaining if you wanna to though. 
This trip, my bargaining skill abit rusty! They kept winning cause I gave in pretty quickly :'(

When we got to Surin, we brough Haziq to the place where I had my last dinner previously, to have lunch. The dinner was really good the last time!!! So I was expecting some good lunch too, but too bad it was okok only. Probably cause they've different chefs in the day and night.

We didn't do much on Day 2. After the lunch, we went back to the hotel and slept till.... pretty late. Erman and his girlfriend planned to bring us to tour Patong at night, where all the stripclubs, ladyboys and whatnots are at. So we had our rest before the night adventure began hehe!

Makeupless and ready to sleep.
It's the same hotel I stayed at previously as well: Surintra Resort. 
They gave us a pretty awesome room. So much better than what I had previously. This room had both front and back extension; to the swimming pool and lounge (front) and a kitchen area with a swing (back). And it's only about $48 per night? I don't remember the exact amount, but definitely less than $50. So worth it rightttttt!!!! I have a flair in finding good deals mwuahahahaha.

So then at night, we went to Patong's Bangla Street. I was there before in the day but it sure feels different at night. 60% of the girls there are hookers. I wanted to party initially, but I felt I wasn't with the right group of friends so didn't. Erman and his girlfriend weren't very comfortable with the place, so we then left early. Go back and sleep, best solution anyway haha.
Oh, I walked past this ladyboy who's so so gorgeous. She looked like a Barbie. I swear. She's tanned but not black, she's brown like Beyonce! She looked like she's part of Destiny Child. So so pretty, though fake but such perfection really. As I say this to my friends, they'd all ask the same question, "WHY NEVER TAKE PICTURE?!" Hello, I was bewitched. Can't do shit then hahahahaha.

That's all to Day 1 & 2. I must admit Day 1 & 2 were pretty boring but Day 3 & 4 were darn excited so look forward to my next entry yeh!!!!! (the real reason why I can't continue my post was that Vimeo only allow 10 video-uploads per day lulz so yeah I can't blog without my videos kbye)

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