Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last week or so, my family decided to head out to celebrate my aunt's birthday instead of doing it at home. We usually love to stay home, whip up a few dishes and celebrate that way. Occasionally, we'd do something different and since, we haven't been out for quite a while, my family was really excited about going out together that day. And weirdly, they passed down what seemed like an order specifically for me to "dress appropriately" but hey haven't I always dressed appropriately. How anymore appropriate can I be?! 
(No, but seriously... have I ever been inappropriate before sheesh!)

So, I came out of the room looking like Ugly Betty causing an uproar of laughter in my family.

They were all so amused, they couldn't stop taking pictures of me.
Well.... gladly hehe.

And there you have it, my mom and granny.
Two most beautiful women in my life.

It's crazy how fast I am growing, which also means how fast they're aging. When I was snapping my granny's picture, I was signaled to take it in a way where it'd be useful for emergency purposes. I am trying to put this subtly across but I don't think you guys understood anyway. What I meant was, my mom was trying to be realistic. She asked to take a portrait of granny so if anything were to happen, we've a good picture of her for funeral. I know I'm not supposed to over-think this because it's all just precautions but I feel weird.... snapping a picture of someone who's still alive for their death? Ok, moving on.

Seriously, I wish I had recorded the reaction of my family members. It was nice seeing them laughing to tears. Can't remember the last time everyone got together joking like that ever since grandpa left us.

Absolutely adore how lovely my granny looked in this picture

We went to Asian Market Cafe to have our dinner buffet.
It was super worthy. For $30plus for each headcount, there was really good variety and food!!!
I definitely didn't take after her in table manners.
My granny is super prim and proper. 
Even for fruits, fork and knife (checked), sit up straight (checked), elbows off table (checked).
Irina? Take the damn melon with hand and chomp.

Such a weird and odd family picture (with Jeff missing in it because he's taking the picture which explains the low angle) but thank you for everything you all have given me, even when I'm such a brat. I love each and everyone of you so very much, and I wish I'm Westernized and brave enough to pour or maybe even drown y'all in my love hehehehe. Thank God for this blessed family.

P/S I realized I'm lagging behind in my updates and why is this so.
I thought I was pretty diligent. Ah, Phuket entries took up too much time.

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