Monday, August 26, 2013


How I looked last Friday night 

How I look now (as I'm blogging this)


Saw this on Thought Catalog sometime back in BKK. Wanted to share this with you guys but couldn't find a better time than now. So guys, from now on, your argument on natural look/beauty is invalid to me. It's freaking experimented on, so don't you dare tell me otherwise hahaha. If natural beauty was more attractive, cosmetic companies would have gone bankrupt by now. Cosmetic companies are aware of this, hence they invented the 'no makeup' makeup. How convenient.

It's crazy the kind of effects the opposite sex have on the other. I know of a couple of girlfriends who slept with their makeup on (at the initial stage) just to impress their boyfriend. I wouldn't call that stupid at all, cause for sure, we have done something equally stupid when we were in love. So don't judge others, just cause they sin differently from you.

I did some errands with mom today and suddenly, I said something I felt like I shouldn't have but I meant it anyway. "I think it's better to be the other woman than the married one." She paused for a while to take in what I said. She knew exactly what I meant and she understood. She also knew my faith for a good marriage is wearing thin. Since all men cheat these days, isn't it easier to be the other woman just to safeguard yourself. Then again, I never liked the idea of third wheel so I can never ever bring myself to do something I already despise. Ironically, people also often say, "The world is huge. There are 7 billion people in this world. Get out and meet someone new!" If men are said to be all the same, what's the point of travelling half the globe just to reaffirm that statement? 

It's funny how one moment I'm all hopeful about love and the other I'm the quickest to shoot it down. And now oobviously, I'm in the "haha what's love" mood so yeah goodnight guys.

I’m an acquired taste…not for everybody, but for the ones that get me…
I will give you all of me, all the time.” - Jhene Aiko


  1. Walaooo I think your before and after make up picture still looks as pretty lehhh, just different kind of pretty! Aishhhhhhhh! :D

    1. You too kind!
      JOOOOOO IM NOW STRANDED IN TOWN WITHOUT PLANS. Casting ended wayyy earlier than I thought. Ok end of rant hiakhiak. Have a nice day babe!

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WAAA YOU REALLY DAMN RANDOM!! Hope you found a plan already! :D:D:D