Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I've never made any physical bucket list before, usually a mental one, so this would be my first. I have never been the planner, keep-up-with-schedule kind of girl. Everything is mentally written in my head. If I happen to forget, that's that then haha. I prefer to do things spontaneously. Not everything has to be planned (only some) cause sometimes, the unexpected always turns out to be the best. 

I think my bucket list shows a lot of my personality from the things that I wish to do/achieve. So from this, you can probably gauge what kind of person I am. There are some things I want to do which could possibly make you cringe, but I've got good explanation for them. As to whether you wanna believe or take it, it's really not my problem.

It's already August now, entering September soon. I've only got about 3-4 months left till 2014. So I guess this is quite a reasonable 2013 bucket list (though written a little late) hahaha. 

Yes, my attempt to smoke weed. I don't know. Is that rad to y'all? Maybe yes, maybe no. Haha. You should know I've never smoked before. So why would I wanna try weed right? I've always been very curious about its effects and how it leads to people doing things they shouldn't or maybe it's a lie or an excuse; kinda like alcohol except that liquor is legal here. Since weed is actually pretty harmless, I don't mind trying just to put my curious mind to ease. I've been lied to about certain things just cause I've never experienced them in my life. So by equipping myself with knowledge and experiences, not only it makes me feel wise but also safe. I'd so ready to combat such similar situations in future cause the future Irina would be capable enough to detect the shit that sprouts outta mouths.

The list could've been longer but I started crying halfway cause I realize how badly I want to live.

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