Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tabulated Tumblr's and Blogger's poll and Blogger is obviously leading (i'm somehow secretly happy), so here I am as I really really need a space to rant.

1. If you think you know someone well, try traveling with them.

I've been taught and told, you'll only truly know someone when you travel with them, so far it's been proven right each time. It's not about the sleeping habits you're about to find out, it's more. Living habits (if you're sharing room), ability to compromise, selfish vs selfless, and a lot more.

Traveling with someone is a risk. Hence, choose your travel companion carefully. Please note that a good friend may not be a good traveling buddy, already proven twice. Trust me, if you haven't experienced this, someday you will and you'll agree because when I was told, I disagreed and thought how can one be so different when they're overseas? Oh yes, they can be.

2. Models fight for jobs. Irina cancels jobs.

The moment I touched down from Phuket, I was told I've 3 jobs waiting for me. It's a good thing, isn't it?? Except, my skin hasn't healed. It's gotten worse after Phuket. Might be the haze, might be the weather? I don't know. Might be the lack of sleep? I really have no idea except feeling all stressed up about it.

I appreciate my agent proposing me for job but I don't want to show up feeling not up to standard. I don't want to disappoint clients. So, I cancelled 2 jobs. There's one this Saturday which I can't cancel. I just have to brave through it with a sucky complexion. The blogger with post-facial horror recovers super fast and I don't get why mine is taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. Hurry, please. I need to work.

3. Tumblr vs. Blogger

So, it seems Blogger is leading. I honestly like Blogger too but it's just that I really do like Tumblr's interface as well. It's so clean and nice!!! I've to do something about my blog layout. Should I hire someone or anyone willing to do it free for me hahaha? Gah, wish I'm talented and skilled.

In fact, I'm not as mad as I imagined myself to be. Maybe I'm just flustered about Saturday's job. Oh well. Suck it up, Irina. You'll be fine.


  1. Hi Irina! Please blog about your Phuket trip! :) And has anyone told you before that you can write really well :) I enjoy reading your posts so much! God bless you Irina :)

    1. Aww, you're so sweet! Yes! I'll blog about it soon. Maybe later when I get home hehe :-)

  2. Greetings Irina,

    I wanted to take some time to write you a short letter as I have finally taken a moment to breath amidst mountains of tedious work. I have read through your prolific blog post output of the past couple of weeks and I could see the progression of your coping and emotions. I think you have come a long way in this time. I am truly glad to see that you're traveling, both mentally and physically. There is so much I wish I could tell you and even more that I wish I could ask you.

    Where are you in your journey? Do you still yearn for the sky and foreign pastures? What holds you back these days? What makes you rise every morning? Dream lucid dreams and keep on running. Change is coming. Your frequency is changing.

    At times I feel that I need to escape as much as you do. Coffee in some chaise lounges in a cool cafe is in order or a long walk around Marina Bay would be perfect for telling 1001 stories.

    Until then, take care of yourself.


    John Q. Public

    1. Hello there John,

      You reminded me of a friend I have, James. He has the habit of changing names when he leaves a comment at my space. I wonder.... if you're him, or truly John yourself. Then again, never mind that.

      Thank you for dropping by despite your crazy schedule. I hope my blogs (tumblr + blogger) work as an invitation to my world for you to escape yours momentarily. Get enough rest, don't neglect your health, work can wait.

      Yes, I've come a long way. The holiday definitely helped a lot; clear my mind and whatnots. I'm back feeling a little different. It's good. I should travel more. I heard the more one travels, the more one learns to be emotionally detached. That's a good thing I guess, one will start to put themselves first and love themselves before others. Because traveling is a lot about self-discovery too.

      Feel free to tell me anything you've in your mind or anything you wanna ask me about. I'll definitely get back to you, unless if I feel uncomfortable answering them.

      Where am I in my journey? I'm putting a pause to education. I'll get back to it next year.
      Do I still yearn for the sky and foreign pastures? Definitely. In fact, I'm gonna work and save money for next year's Europe trip.
      What holds me back these days? Fear. Insecurities. Uncertainties. Always have and always been the same.

      I know I'm changing. I'm feeling it and I like it. I used to be a lot more extrovert, and now I'm becoming introvert. It's funny. I'm taking things really slowly and people around me are probably not used to that.

      When you feel you need a break, give yourself one. Life is this short. Do what makes you happy is what matters the most. Cliche but still the best.

      Hear from you soon, John.