Thursday, December 20, 2012


Wherever you go and whatever you do
There's a man underground that will always love you

I was listening to Noah and The Whale's Second Lover yesterday, and this crazy idea appeared in my head. I thought of a world which accepts the existence of a second lover in a relationship. A place where having a second lover wouldn't signify cheating or infidelity, but instead, an option everyone can opt for. 

It would be a socially acceptable norm. How cool is that?
I could be your second lover, and someone else's first.

This second lover could potentially provide you with all the comfort and love you're lacking from your first lover. The second lover could also compensate you in any means the first lover is incapable of: being there for you, filling up gaps in the relationship etc.

I'm sorry if I made this second lover sounds like substitute because he's not. You know how you categorize your friends? You have this friend whom you loveeeee to party with, and this friend whom you chose not to party with but just chill at the cafe or something. It's not like friend A is better than friend B. You like both, it's just that both take care of your needs differently right?

I'm talking about the same thing here. The second lover is not meant to be a substitute. It's supposed to have a different strength from your first and he/she balances out your first lover. Eg: The first lover is a real sweet guy, who supports you emotionally and all but somehow you never seem to feel safe around him. So this is where your second lover comes in: He who is probably strong and muscular could offer you some sense of security. Balanced right? 

I'm just quoting an example... It might be bad, but you know what I'm saying.

Just think about how crazy it would be if this is okay, or that this is already happening in the parallel universe. If it's really so, I don't think there'll be issues such as cheating, infidelity, jealousy, or possessiveness etc. I mean, if we were brought up that way, being taught since young that the idea of sharing and having a second lover in a relationship is totally okay and NORMAL, they would definitely be more opened to the way of life from the very start. 

Don't you think jealousy and possessiveness would be at its minimal then, because we have learned to be so open and embrace the willingness to share? Well of course not forgetting problems like, time management with first and second lover, well I guess that's up to you to coordinate. How do you juggle with friends and family? Or friend A and friend B? Same thing right? Yeap...

But anyway, this is just one of my crazy wild thoughts. Don't dwell or think too much into it haha.

Though I'm saying all this about the second lover, I'm totally happy with my one and only lover now.

Boyfriend's phone line got suspended by the service provider yesterday because of some miscommunication. So he couldn't text me last night and I was waiting. So he texted me today when he got his line back. I truly appreciate how he's so reassuring. Thank you so much, sweetheart. Though I wasn't exactly insecure or anything last night, still the fact that you thought of the possibilities and assured me, really made my day a lot.

Can't wait to see you soon already!!!


  1. love your shirt!

    love your blog and your post, and your style!

    greeting from germany :)

    1. Hey there!!!
      Thank you so much! Glad that you're still following my blog though I've just changed my URL :-)
      Have a superb day ahead yeh!!!!

  2. hi irina! which mascara do you use? thanks :)

    1. Hello!!! I'm using a few of them whenever I like: Benefit They're Real, Revlon (purple/gold), Faceshop (I think). Yeap that's all!!

  3. Hiiie Irina! May I know where is the place that you did for the shoot with the blogshop recently? Is it your house? It seems so nice!

    1. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Actually I cannot reveal because of some circumstances but it's not my house!
      I'm not that rich hahahaha. :-)