Monday, April 15, 2013


I've been really reliant on my friends. I am so proud of each and every one of them and I thank God for giving me these angels for without them leading me to the right track, I would have chose the easy way: going on self-destructive mode.

I could have gone crazy. I could have partied my ass off. I could have drank till I could no more to forget. But I did none of those, because of these beautiful people who nurse my wound so well that I am coping better than I thought.

Trust me, I'll be there for the each of you whenever you guys ever need me.


 Thank you guys for being amazing.

See you on Friday :* :* :*


On the side note, I realized how I unconsciously shut my friends away when I was in relationship. I feel so sorry right now. I no longer had time for them. I became uninterested of their updates. I was so occupied.

Many asked if I'd regretted the relationship. My answer will always be the same, no. I've learnt so much from this relationship, it's invaluable. Don't ever regret anything you do cause at one point of time, even for the slightest moment, that's what you actually wanted.

Nonetheless, I am so glad I have all my nonsensical friends back to amuse me everyday hehehehe.

Please. Before you judge them, let me explain.
They are not like that, flirty and all. They're nothing like that.
They're just going out of their comfort zone, to make me feel worthy and smile again.
They're precious.

Girls, they're single btw..... hehehehe.

Thank you for all the love, really.

It's funny how friendships last longer than relationships.


  1. hello!

    where you get your white top from?
    don't mind sharing it! & stay strong!!

    thanks irina :D

  2. Hello irina! What time do you sleep everyday? :)

    1. Well, it depends on how tired I am :-) I don't have a fixed body clock

  3. oh topshop, hmm the top is placed at the basic jersey section? &
    ow much itsit?

    thanks for always sharing babe :D