Monday, April 15, 2013



Bet you guys didn't know but I went for a short getaway to KL during the weekend. Just to clear my head from all this mess and it helped a lot. If you guys are not following me on Instagram, you probably won't know that I have broken up with Jeremy. I know things were going really well and it all seemed nice and beautiful at first but always be wary that people change. I'll talk about this on another entry. I don't want to lump everything here.

It felt good to be back home after a while. My mom is selling away all the properties in Malaysia cause we are converting our citizenships. It's a pity, but Singapore is my home now hehe.

Not long after a friend of mine came to surprise me!!!!!!!!!!!! He's from SG too!
It was really nice seeing familiar face in Malaysia, cause I felt more like a tourist in my-supposedly-own-country. How weird haha.

Finally had something I've been craving for super long!!!!!!!!!!
Klang's Bak Kut Teh!!!! This is nothing like what you had in Singapore or JB.

Ok, that's all. 
Just gonna keep it short, cause what I did most was chill and nua.

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