Friday, April 12, 2013


I am honestly so tired of all your excuses. Aren't you tired of keeping track of them? You're turning yourself into something so ugly, you don't even know how unattractive that is. I have no idea how to help you though I wish I could. I am constantly looking out for all the loopholes and differences in stories you tell; the mind is now tired from overanalyzing. I am not gonna bother anymore.
Say all you want now, the damage is done. The fact that you don't know how prioritize is such a major turn-off. It's shocking how drinking and partying with friends can be oh-so important that postponing is impossible? 'Nuff said, you selfish being.


You should have kissed her cheek, bid farewell and promised you'd do the movie thing with her some other time. She would have understood. She would have appreciated that and seen how sensible you were in handling issues. But instead, you did nothing. It's not the first time but twice in a row, bro. Not cool not cool at all.

If you have no idea what you've done wrong, here it is: Doing nothing at all.


  1. sometimes we all try so hard to hold on to something or someone we hold dearly too, even if we know that deep down inside, it is just wrong /getting nowhere. we dream that we are wrong and that we will be able to capture what we had before things turned sour. We pray that the other party feels the same and would miraculously try harder all of a sudden... but many a times, none of that happens... still, it isn't wrong to hope... even if it means we get hurt all over again. hang in there, till you feel strong enough to face it or move on alright... in the meantime, cry if you must, do whatever it is, but never forget to also consider other aspects of your life yah? smile, and chin up girl. :)

    1. Thank you, Kyla :') I find myself could relate so much to what you just said. I will, definitely emerge stronger after this.

  2. hey, u havent written in a while... hope everything is alright and that you are picking yourself up. Hang in there ok!

    virtual tight hugs...

    1. Hey, thank you dear.
      I'm truly appreciative of you being so concerned <3

      Just updated my blog hehe.