Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good good good.

It's been pretty good so far. Let's keep going like this yeah :-)
It helps a lot especially when you've a personal to-do list and as you check things you have been wanting to do for the longest but never got a chance to off, it feels uhhh-mayyyyy-zingggg. 

1. Cajun Kings #todolist

I've been wanting to go to this place since @#$%^&*&^%$#@ ago!!!!!!!!! I'm so so glad Marc was feeling adventurous and spontaneous enough to try it out with me hehe. I'd rate the place 3.5/5! The food was not too bad. Somehow I prefer the traditional Singapore chilli crab more..... am I too auntie? haha. But the concept of the whole place is pretty cool! 
Go in a huge group, with friends, that'd be real fun! 

Don't ever go there on a first date!!!!!
Eating crab and all with hands, so unglam hahaha. 

2. Gareth Emery

Camera so sucky I didn't even look like myself. But then again.... whatever haha.
Though that night was pretty lame, still I had a pretty good time with my friends.

3. Au Chocolat - Catch Up with The Girls #todolist

It's a pretty amazing place to dine in!!!! I wish I had some space left for desserts, but I was so so full. Pretty much defeats the purpose of going to Au Chocolat since their desserts look so darn amazing.
So, I can't cross this off my to-do list since I haven't tasted their desserts hehehehe >:)


They are my 3-year polymates. I'm really thankful for each of them.
Poly wouldn't have been the same without them. (Clicheeeee~~~)
They were there at my peak clubbing phase, when I got my first poly boyfriend, when I broke up, when I met Jerm, when I fell for Jerm, when I got tgt with Jerm and even now, when I broke up with Jerm haha. They're always here. 3 years is a long long time. Yknow what's weird?
The fact that we all can gel so well though we are such different individuals.
We are so different from the way we dress, think, carry ourselves.
Sigh, I'm feeling so blessed now. Brb, gonna bask in it.

4. Random

Look like me not? 

5. Catch up with Vino #todolist

Finaaaaaaaaaaaally, I've met up with this babe of mine, Vinodhini precious daughter of Pandaragan.
We haven't hang out in ages. Like really. 1 year plus, since I've been attached till now.
We both have been busy. Now that we are free from all the crazy school assignments, we finally met. It's nice to know that someone you haven't met for a year plus is still the same except grown to be wiser and more beautiful both inside and outside :-)
Nice nice feeling.

6. For Better Butt, Seriously #todolist

Worked out like crazy today for............. 15 MINUTES.
Go ahead and laugh. I know I am damn weak. HAHAHA.
My stamine is near zero now. Look at how much I perspire, sigh weakling.
My limbs are pretty jellified now haha. I'm gonna start being consistent
so that I'm back to toned and not bag of bones.

Goodluck to me, trying to walk tmr with all the muscle cramps.
Thank God the important castings are now over haha!

Ok, that's all!!!!!!!!

B Y E 


  1. Hi Irina,

    Can you share what workout you did? Squats/Jogging?

    And mind to also share w me the app you used? (:

    p/s: you're such an inspiration!

    1. Hello there!!! Go download Nike Training club!!! It's good. I learn my workouts from there :-)

      I used camera 360!!! Love love that app.

      And thank you dear, that's flattering :')

  2. Hi Irina!

    Would you mind telling us the product name of the gorgeous white top you wore to Cajun Kings? I tried looking for it on nastygal.com but I couldn't find it :(

    You look like you're really doing well in your latest posts :) All the best to you!

    1. Hi dear!!!!!! I tried finding but I couldn't find it as well. Maybe it's sold out? Sorry!

      Thank you hehe. <3