Friday, September 25, 2015


During my last group discussion in class about a research paper pertaining to social media, I learnt that there are people out there who actually believe that most photos on Instagram are true reflections of an individual's reality. FYI: Just like advertisements, not all the photos on Instagram are what you think they are. 

The photos above (if I'm not wrong) are great works of a Thai photographer, Champoo Baritone. I love this series so much. There are so many issues that have arisen since the dawn of social media; it has changed social dynamics, altered interpersonal relationships, modified perceptions of self identity etc. It truly and especially breaks my heart when I discover that the people around me believe in such crafted reality. "Guys, I'm in this industry. You guys help me out with my ootd and stuff. You ought to know better." The love-hate relationship from listening to them compare themselves with other individuals and how such discussions lead to self-deprecation is driving me nuts. As much as I want to agree with every word of self loathing coming out from their mouth, I can't help myself from going on a tirade about the lies on Instagram.

Never ever feel shit about yourself because grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side. Your life is beautiful too; it's just that... maybe you're not equipped with the skills that others have to present a fancier version of reality right?

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