Saturday, October 10, 2015


This time, I've handled the entire situation well enough to deserve a pat on my back. My emotions were balancing on such a thin line between plain sadness and absolute indifference. In order to not show a single trace of vulnerability, my scale skewed itself towards the latter. To not warrant any unnecessary concerns or impose unneeded burden on his family, I think I did maintain a pretty solid calm and composed exterior. Even so, my uncooperative heart has decided to engage me with a new set of feelings I've been trying to comprehend. The moment I reached home from the airport, everything hit me like an eager storm. It felt rich, intense, and anchored deeply inside me. 

I guess, only after a year, I've just grown to truly grasp and understand this whole dynamic between us, and yes, very soon, I'll readapt again I'm sure. In fact, I try to be thankful for this arrangement. I bet he feels the same way with each departure teaching us the idea of potential loss. It just puts us back in our place and ensures neither of us gets too complacent or comfortable with one another. Ever since the plane took off this late afternoon, I've tried my very best to stay busy but my mind kept drifting back to you. It's definitely much harder, after such a wonderful Summer.

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