Sunday, October 13, 2013


(No, Irina, it has been that long)

Hello loveliesssss, this Sunday has been wonderful. Finally there's a day in the week where I didn't have to wake up to the alarm. Though so, I woke up real early about 8ish. Yes, all cause of my messed up body clock. I secretly wish I'm one of those who could sleep through the day despite the sun being high up in the sky.

Life's been good to me these days, but we humans would never see anything as sufficient. One of this year's wish came true; to secure more than one show for Fide Fashion Week! It feels amazing already to be part of something so huge. Reminder to self: I need to bring TWO portable chargers for all the working days cause there's no power points at the waiting area. 

And then, what's lost was coincidentally found yet shouldn't never be in possession again. Shamo said, "Like the Milgram experiment, people thought they had self-control but they didn't and end up killing people. The wiser decision was to not take part at all because you can't gauge your will power." She's always so wise. 

It's funny how fate works, yknow. Truly hilarious.

This entry must have been confusing for some of you to understand. It's meant to be ambiguous. It's safer to not spell everything out clearly. Anyway, here's a playlist for you as you laze your Sunday away with me and just maybe through music, you'd know how I feel.

Can't wait to be busy again


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