Sunday, October 06, 2013


Just got back from Batam not long ago. Today's been a really fruitful day. If you followed my Instagram, you'd know why. But I'm not gonna touch on that today, will do so later in the usual weekly updates. As for now, this entry serves as a reminder to put my health first before anything else. I've been really busy and I think tomorrow will be the busiest by far.

Tomorrow is a really really important day for me. I've two gigs/shoots to go to. They're both equally important so I can't drop any or postpone. However, I'm glad that I could squeeze both into my schedule, thanks to my very very thoughtful client. My day would start at 730AM and probably ends at..... God knows. I also have a very important call I wish to receive /fingers-crossed/ And, if I do, I'd definitely share the great news with you guys. Otherwise, I'll just wait for another opportunity to rollllllllllllllll by~ 

Life's been pretty good to me these days. And, as always, I'm thankful for that.
Have a great week ahead, lovelies hehe.


  1. support you Irina <3

  2. Hi Irina will you be at Zouk tomorrow night??? :)