Monday, February 17, 2014


We've only been in the new place for less than a month and creepy shit had already happened to us (my mom and I). And for the first time in forever, I question the definition of 'safe' residing in a condo. How is that in HDB area without the $250 for maintenance and security fees, it feels much safer than it is here?

First encounter (a few nights back):
I heard noises in the middle of the night. Possibly about 2-3AM? I got woken up. But in the stupor state, I didn't consider going out of my room to check at all. Even if I wasn't asleep, let's be honest, I wouldn't have the guts to check what's outside. I know I wouldn't stand a chance against the intruder. No matter how tall I am, being the girl me (this is gonna come off sounding so.... weak), I know I can't fend for myself in such peril situation.

The very next morning, I got texts from my mom saying that someone broke into our balcony. We live on the ground floor so it's actually pretty easy to get in. There's no need to break in. They could literally either walk or climb in since we didn't lock the barrier gate. Now that we do, it is still possible climbing in from the outside cause the barriers weren't high. It's the normal waist height kind of barrier. So yeap.

Our laundry rack was shifted and some clothes fell. One of the flower pots was at a different place too. That to us, evidently was human-doing. We couldn't fault the wind cause no matter how strong the wind was, we doubt it could move the marbles in the pot. Right?

Ever since that we decided to leave the balcony lights on. And...... that didn't help.

Second encounter (yesterday night):
I found a peeled mandarin orange (in a proper condition) outside my room balcony at night. Thinking that (1) who's this lazy bugger, (2) which kid did this?! (3) wait, did this person walk into my balcony and leave it there or was it thrown in from outside?

My balcony door could be opened from the outside if it wasn't locked on the inside, so that's a really good entry point for intruders. Perhaps, some might be trying their luck on the level 1 doors to see which happen to be opened.

The next morning, I got texts from my mom saying, my balcony door has got juice stains. Meaning the orange that I found on the floor last night was thrown at my door and wasn't left there by accident. When I got to know that, I was really creeped out. I didn't move for awhile in bed. Fuck who would actually do such an inconsiderate and mindless prank?! Which prick?! My mom, when she came home after making the police report, she told me her psycho-analysis of the entire situation and how the person was so darn smart.

She claimed that the mandarin orange I saw, picked up and threw away last night, wasn't the same as the one that smashed my door. The one that smashed the door would have looked trashed but the one lying around yesterday looked fine, just peeled that's all. So my mom's conclusion: The person actually went an extra mile to discard the smashed orange and place another peeled one there......... what the freaking fuck?! If what my mom said is true...., that person actually bothers changing the orange!!!!! #ohmaigawd. But I had to say it was a really good distraction though. I wouldn't have noticed the stains on my door if wasn't for my mom. If the one I found was in a bad condition, it'd be a giveaway that something might have happened and it's not an accident.

It really got to my mom and my granny. My granny worries about my safety every single day now. My mom feels upset that it feels like we've been marked or something. It's horrible to be experiencing things like that at a new place, really. She's gonna invest in CCTV which seems quite ridiculous how we need it and some rich people don't even have those in their house compound haha.

Ok. Imma go to bed now. And I don't wish to receive anymore of my mom's unpleasant morning texts.



  1. what the hell.that's scary! stay safe! x

  2. Ahhhh stay safe Irina and remember to lock the doors k!

    1. Hiiiiii Rachel!!!! Yesyes I will. This is actually pretty testing for my STM. I'll get through this!! Just gonna hang in there till CCTV comes. Thanks dear!!! :-)

  3. Hi! Did you inform your condo's maintenance office? They need to know about this and by right there should be some cctv already installed in some parts of the condo so maybe they can catch the culprit there? Anyway, stay safe!! :)

    1. Hi Dawn! We did but they seem to be really skeptical about the entire situation. Spoke of the wind and how still it might just be the wind. They don't look assuring at all. Nope, that area not captured by CCTV :-/

  4. Ahhh that's bad T.T Do take care!! :)

  5. I think its relatively important to invest in a CCTV to catch any potential intruders, stay safe!