Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hi guys, I am sorry. I know I haven't updated in a while. I thought I should explain myself and here's why... firstly, I've just moved. Yes, I am finally at my new place. I am settling in rather comfortably. Still feels a little foreign but cosy. And I haven't got my wi-fi router up and running. So yeap, I can't.... BLOG. 

And mainly, I have been busy too. I haven't had the time to swim in the pool or workout at the gym, now that I reside in a condo! So yeah, sorry guys. Give me some more time and I'll be back with more Irina updates hehe.

And for those who've hit me up with mails, gimme awhile to get them back to you alright? I'm still experiencing some post V-day fatigue somehow haha. If y'all wanna be in the known of what I'm up to most of the time, my Instagram would be the best place to be. 

Wi-fi gonna be up on 20th #excited #justbealittlebitmorepatient

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