Sunday, April 27, 2014


This shoot took place last year and it was my last shoot of 2013. And, I've finally collated all the photos together and thought of documenting them now. Not bad Irina. Let's see, you're only 4 months late. It's not that far back at all. 

Brief Background Intro

20:TWOTHREE is a local designer brand which caters to both male and female. Through their simple yet strong and statement pieces, the brand translates a distinct character and persona they embody. From a pair of non-f àshīon eyes, I love how liberating it is to don on unisex pieces and have the gender lines blurred. 

And yes, I'm honoured for this opportunity. I understand how huge it is to front a front a campaign; models as representation of the brand. It was even better that I did it with my buddy, Alex. 

Behind The Scenes

For those who're gonna ask me for the venue of the shoot, I am sorry but there's an agreement between us for a non-disclosure. So I can't say where it is. Go figure. 

The place was indeed beautiful and instantly defined the mood for the shoot.

"Beautiful things don't seek for attention"
Look at how subtle the gradients are and how beautiful it is as a whole, like a painting.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
May 20:TWOTHREE be recognised by everyone for what it's truly worth!


  1. the photos are super gorgeous!! love lenne's work and both you and alex look superb!! <3 <3

    Went to check the 20twothree at Actually last week and I love it! Unfortunately, I doubt I'd be able to pull it off ):

    Vernice |

    1. Hey Vernice! Yeah Lenne's great! I always feel comforted when I'm working with her. It's easy. Oh, I love their outwears and random layering with clothes! Maybe you can wait for their next collection? ;-)

  2. hey irina! just dropping by to inform you that it's last post of "2013" but you wrote it wrongly as "2014" hehe. AND THE PHOTOS ARE SUPERB YOU LOOK SO AMAZING!!! <3

    1. Oh, muddle-head me! Thanks, Sarah for letting me know. Qt you! :>

  3. you're so pretty! are you mixed?