Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Y'all probably wanna know how I am genuinely coping right now, so just thought this short update is rather necessary though my lids are already heavy and I've to be up at 730AM tomorrow. I've been REALLY busy hence the delay in emails reply. 

I'm out everyday running about to castings, fitting and jobs since this is sorta the peak period of fashion season. I am meeting a lot of new and interesting people this time round. I find myself a lot more sociable than before though I am aware that this is just all temporary friendships. I love that I'm so involved with life right now. There were times when I stopped just to catch my breath, I feel.... contented.

I've been really happy. And I hope you too.
Have an absolute good week ahead!


  1. where did you get your top? so pretty! pls and thks!! :)