Thursday, April 24, 2014


In case you don't know, I own a cat. A cat my friend rescued stuck in a mud hole in Singapore Polytechnic last October. I named him Noname. He was found with 3 other better looking siblings. They got adopted way faster because he was apparently the average one. I took him in and loved him very much simply because he was the average one.

And because currently he's 6-month old -at the right age to be sterilised, I brought him to the vet on Monday. The surgery took place and he was coned since. I....... thought it'd be easy but it wasn't. It's rather unbearable to go through this journey with him. Noname is evidently so sad. Noname is less active. Noname is in pain. Noname has difficulty eating because the cone gets in the way so he no longer has his usual appetite. The cone has to stay on for a least a week to prevent any licking. And so, Noname goes on sulking everyday. 

This was Noname trying to eat the treat I fed him. I cannot even....

I couldn't pay him a visit today and for that, I miss him like crazy. He's still staying at my grandma's since I moved cause he's a good companion for her. My aunt sent me a photo of granny feeding Noname earlier on. It's so heartwarming :')  I spent almost half of my day yesterday till late with Noname; feeding him with food and drink whenever necessary. I was worried my family wouldn't bother trying to feed but everyone loves Noname just the same

I love how my aunt keeps my mom and I updated with photos cause she knows we're all worried sick. Noname now sleeps his day away cause there's nothing much he can do. It breaks my heart to see him so. I can't wait for this week to be over, really. Quick. Hurry. I feel like I'm the worst to put him through this. It really seems like a torture. And for some instance, I feel that sterilisation seems really unnecessary now *sigh*

Lovely Gwen knows I'm affected and constantly worrying about Noname's well-being, she bought me a flower to cheer me up today. This sweetpie, I'm thoroughly blessed. Amen.

Get well soon, Noname. I love you very dearly.

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