Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've exactly one week to study before my two papers next week. I just bought a new Epson printer and wasted a good four hours tryna figure how it works and still, it only prints blank pages (fucking lil' shit). I am currently still mad pissed. I know I won't be able to absorb anything from the textbook so I decided to write a little something here even if it doesn't make sense.

I hate how a simple event could easily trigger my entire system to feel so awful altogether. It's probably accumulated from The Fault is in Our Stars. I'm not a fan of that movie, really. It awoken too many unwanted dormant feelings and I've no idea how to deal with them. So they remain suppressed. I wish I bawled like a child in the cinema like how some girls did but instead, I stared intently at the screen hoping for a better ending.

I don't know where I'm going with this but yeah... I'm gonna get some rest now. Hope your day was better than mine. Goodnight.

P.S The comments on the previous entry, I promise I'll get to them when I have the time to

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