Thursday, June 12, 2014


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Hey guys, here's briefly what I did the Friday before, 30th May:

Yes, I attended my very first event as a blogger. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I'm not saying it because I have to be pretentious in this paid ad but seriously, I learnt more than I think I would... Who knew we actually celebrate Singapore's Kindness Day annually? It's quite an experience to be contained in a place where everyone wishes the same for the world, to be a better place with kinder souls. 

With this year's "A Nation of Kindness starts with ONE" as the theme, Singapore Kindness Movement aims to encourage the innately kind Singaporeans to step out of their comfort zone to do good. Fear no judgment and judge no one in return. We are often afraid to be seen as a busybody because of our parents' lingering advice: Don't be kaypoh (nosey)! The repercussion of parents' effort in teaching us to be street smart unknowingly caused an immeasurable amount of wariness and skepticism in us towards people, fearing any possible ill-intentions.

Instead, let's lower our guards. Let's help whoever ever in need, for you'll never know when your family members might need help from strangers too. Help a granny to cross the road, for someone might do the same for yours. Give up seat to someone who needs it more, for they might do good for your loved ones too someday.

(this is one hella tear-jerking commercial)

The event was held at Shanghai Dolly, Clarke Quay. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out way better than I expected! The turnout was fantastic! In fact, I struggled for a while looking for seats ha ha. The crowd was enthusiastic. Their energy level was high, which was very much further amplified by the performers later on.

I've heard so much about Hossan Leong and Dim Sum Dollies but I've never actually seen their performance live. Thanks to Kindness Day SG, I've finally got a glimpse of how good they really are at what they do!!! They cracked us up so bad with their naughty and cheeky jokes! I've included snippets of the highlights in the video above but yknow... video is a video, it's always different to catch a performance live. If you haven't watched them live, I urge you to. If you love dirty jokes, Dim Sum Dollies is a must *wink wink*

Sidetrack: Irina doesn't own a proper camera which explains the low-res video and photos in this entry due to the surrounding's unfavourable low light exposure. Now I'm toying with the idea of a new camera hmm....... so tempting
The pretty little yellow gerbera daisy we had on us symbolizes our appreciation towards kindness we've received

Being kind doesn't entirely revolve around charity and monetary contribution to organisations but you proactively doing good in a small scale. Let's not look at the big picture. Think small. A hello. A smile. A little gesture to make someone's day better. The current act of kindness I'm paying (rather close) attention to is this mysterious movement by #loveothers14. These secretive anonymous angels behind the hashtag have been going around doing good and making people's day. Here are a few of examples of what they did:

Be a part of goodness by #kindnessdaysg and #nationofkindness in relation to any kind acts witnessed/experienced
Like Singapore Kindness Movement on Facebook or follow @kindnessSG on Twitter to receive more updates on everyday goodness now!!!

All in all, let's just take care of each other


  1. did nuffnang like emailed you to ask you to go for the event ? or we can rsvp ? just curious !

    1. Unfortunately the event was an one-time thing and it's already over. Look forward to next year's ok! Maybe I'll see you there hehe.