Tuesday, November 18, 2014

15 NOV '14

While these emotions are still raw, I thought it would be good to document all my thoughts and beautiful memories here. I started out with not having any plans for my birthday but, as it turned out, I am a very fortunate child (or rather young adult)... blessed with thoughtful and selfless family members, boyfriend, best friends, classmates and friends. 

Not only did they remember the day that marked the beginning of my existence (in the midst of the all these crazy assignments deadline, exams revision), they took out their valuable time to plan a mini celebration for yours truly.

(Honestly, the photos and videos taken aren't of the best quality because I was trying to focus more on immersing myself in the moment rather than taking perfect visuals. And I think by doing that, I actually lived my birthday.)

So, let's start with the penultimate day before 15 Nov '14. 

Pomelo Fashion got me birthday-ready with lotsa birthday goodies. As we all know, the e-commerce market is already so so saturated with new blog-shops popping up each day. Thus, its only essential to strive to stand out in a crowded room by offering something different. For Pomelo, I'd say their X-factor is the team leading the brand. 

While the quality of their products are superb (because they're all manufactured in Korea), what impressed me most was meeting Pomelo's founder in Bangkok during the Bangkok International Fashion Week. He, yes he, was so humble. Due to our tight schedule, I had difficulty finding the time to pop by the Pomelo office to meet him. So, he instead booked a suite over at our hotel, Pullman G, brought over all the clothes and welcomed all the other influencers over warmly. 

When I got back, I met Pomelo's SG team and indeed, the people driving this brand are all very lovely and I think their work ethics really shines through. Hop over to their website, see if you like anything and experience what it's like shopping with Pomelo yourself!
Pictured: my visionary boyfriend, afraid that his birthday parcel and letter wouldn't reach me in time. He was way ahead of schedule and yes, thanks to his foresight, I received them on time. He, despite the distance, put in so much effort for this first birthday we celebrated together. 

"That's not all, babe" - on the morning of my birthday, I was greeted by a very beautiful bouquet of whites and purples. Our favourites in a bundle. The flower wasn't all, he gave me something which I think is the most practical and romantic gift of all time: an Asos Gift Voucher. Some people may be uncomfortable at the thought of blatant gifting of money and may think that it's rude. This is the sweetest alternative to it and I absolutely love it. It goes to show how much he knows me, where I shop and what I like. To have guys pick out what you like for you is a feat, and you may not even like what they get, so this is a total win-win. 
And yes, baby, I'll look beautiful for you.
(Yi Ming: OMG why the hell did I use so many "Hehe"s.)

So internet friends, this is Rachel! Meet the pleasant Rachel who's a reader turned friend! We caught a screening Interstellar together on the night before my birthday. I really appreciate the effort she took in asking me out; as someone who is not good at initiating such things, I am very appreciative of people who do. 

Thank you so much for the planner, Rach! I'd definitely utilise it! Can't wait!!

When I got home, I found three little pinks post-its at prime places which I frequent at home: the door, the toilet and my bed. My mom pasted them up before she went to bed because I got home too late and she wanted to wish me personally. How cute!!! She's the best la, really the best.

Here's a mini summary of my birthday. I wish I had more videos to show but like I've said earlier on, I'd rather be living in the moments. I woke up considerably late at 12-plus in the noon and I immediately Skyped Yi Ming while opening the letter and parcel he sent over. 
Ok, have fun watching and seeing me bare it all with my #iwokeuplikethis face.

High on SPY in the day. SPY's alcohol content is only 5% lol.
Wanz, Chingz, Jus and Jerm- I know you guys are not into cheesy shit and thus may not appreciate a  long ass corny message so I'll make it short. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done amidst the titanic load of school assignments. I'm so very thankful to have received so much from y'all despite us knowing each other only for a few months. 

Thank you, my bunch of emotional minimalists.
This. My best friends got me to do a Time Capsule for the 2019 Irina. It was the hardest thing to do that day. The entire time I was just so afraid about all that might happen and all that might not happen in 5 years time. Having to pen my thoughts down makes the time span of 5 years more concrete. I never liked thinking about the unknown i.e. future. Hence, it really wasn't easy at all.

Not only were my best friends were part of it, Yi Ming and my other friends were too. It's common knowledge that platonic relationships tend to weather storms better than romantic ones. And I thought..... what if someone who holds such significance in my life now fades away future? In this case, let's just be clear since it's already obvious. If Yi Ming and I couldn't make it, having to open this box in 5 years time might bring back unwanted memories. But at the same time, I'm curious of the content written inside... ugh do you get my dilemma???

It was tough but I finished it anyway. And talking Yi Ming at the end of the day helped giving me lots of comfort. Hoho revealed how Yi Ming was sad as well doing this activity as he hopes to be the one opening the box with me in 2019.

In the box: My message to 2019 Irina, friends and Yi Ming's messages to 2019 Irina, a list of what 2014 Irina is like, 2014 photos, 2014 dress, party popper (useful in 2019 when we open the box)... THAT'S IT.

My mom texted me the next morning: "I was thinking about it when you were doing the box with your friends. In 5 years time, I'm scared that you'd be married and that I'd be left alone."

Sigh... this activity gave me so much feels, it ain't even funny.

Thank you guys, all of you, Hoho, Trey, Vivian and Shamo, for coming all the way to my place to make my day even better than what it was already. Thank you for loving life and infecting every bit of my life with all of your love. We have come a long way since and forward is the only way to go. Friends are the family members you choose and you guys are, without a trace of doubt, one of the best decisions I've made in my life thus far.
As seen in video, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together when the clock struck midnight. Hoho's birthday falls on the 16th. What a lovely coincidence, isn't it.
Hoho, you're big girl now! Happy 21st. I couldn't be prouder of who you are becoming. I am proud of how strong you've been and the visible progress you've made in the pursuit of self-discovery. I am really very happy for you. You've no idea what a proud mama I am, knowing what a great time you had spending your birthday with family. And guess what? I know it might be too early to say but I think, Hoho's back *winks*. I love you, buddy!

OKOK ONE MORE THING BEFORE I FORGET: Thank you to all the friends who've texted. Omg, I wanna hang out with each and everyone of you so badly soon. Asides from my physical friends, thanks to all Internet friends who emailed me with lovely lovely birthday wishes!!!! I promise to get back to them soon. I've yet to even reply the text messages sent to me hahaha I'm really terrible at this. SOON AFTER MY PRESENTATIONS ON WED OK?

Last but not least, thank you sweetheart for simply, 
e v e r y t h i n g

I've so much to be grateful for.
On the 15th Nov, I learnt to love life more than I've ever had before. 


  1. Yknow, I was always envious of the life you have. You have great friends, family and career, I always wish I had your life. Then I realise you only have great friends etc. because YOU are nice to them. I don't know how you do it but it seemed like you are able to connect so deeply to every one of your friends, I wish I'm able to do that.
    honestly I've no idea what's my purpose of writing this but I wish the planet have more of people like you. You make me happy and I'm sure the people around you agree.
    Thanks for existing and happy belated birthday x :)

  2. Happy belated belated belated blessed birthday babe!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great day and memories to cherish for many years to come :)
    Btw, why 11guilts as your username?

  4. Happy Bday (belated) Irina,

    I think you are a really special girl and I just love reading your writing. I'm glad you have a bunch of close friends spending that special day with you. Press on because in less than a month you will be able to see YM already!!

    Random side note, may I know where you got your bday dress from? I love it!

  5. Hi Irina! Im so depressed... sigh. My default/resting face is alittle bitchy/black and i think that my classmates are scared to approach me... Im actually very friendly if u know me already but i think my classmates think the other way round. What can i do...? Im so affected over this :-( I feel like they dont bother and even care to be my classmates although i tried to approach them first! Sigh.


  6. Hi irina! Just wanna ask where are your specs from??? The one you wore in the skype video w yiming

  7. Hi Irina, found your blog when I saw your bf's post link was being shared and appeared on my Facebook timeline. And ever since I saw both his and your post, I had to bookmark your blog.

    I really enjoy your posts and the way it's written, I guess there's this personal touch to it that makes readers know you a little better. And that's what I really do admire you for. I've got my own blog but it's private because in some way, I guess I'm afraid to show/reveal my emotions to people and afraid of what others might think or how they would judge? Saw one of your post/comment on how at times, you do hesitate when clicking the "Publish" button but at the end of the day, you still do and I really applaud your courage to do so.

    I'm kind of going through the "moving on" stage and although it's been 4 months but it feels like I've not made any progress. I feel weak and utterly pathetic in how I don't seem to be moving on feel whereas he seems fine (though I can't say for sure since I won't know). But as I was reading through your past posts and they really gave me strength. The words you said, really spoke to me well. So thank you Irina, really.

    And lastly, I may not have followed you/read your blog long enough to know what happened to your previous relationship but I'm really really glad you've found someone now. All the best to the both of you, I hope everything will work out nicely despite whatever may come.

    Thank you once again. (And sorry for this lengthy message)

    With lots of love,

  8. Hi darling! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and am really happy to see the progress you've made from being happy to unhappy to now happy as ever :) I'm glad you've found someone in your life that really understands you. On another note, where did you get that blue floral dress you wore in the video? Thanks!

  9. exactly my thoughts (referring to trish's) when i first chanced upon your blog and it has been more than 1.5 years for me, but all's been well thankfully! everyone will get 'there' eventually

  10. Hi Irina! I've been reading your blog for some time now and I'm really happy to see where you are now, how happy you are right now. I saw your transition from single, to your previous relationship, to being single again, then to your current one. I am nothing but happy for you. All the best, you! I hope everything will work out nicely despite whatever may come. :)

  11. Hi Irina!! May I know what was the song you used in your birthday video? Thanks so much!