Monday, November 25, 2013


Still, I don't have enough time to complete the birthday entry!!!!!!!! Urgh..... in the meantime, just make do with this video! Some background info: at my party, there's this section called the Confession Booth where my friends had to go (mostly individually) and 'confess' things to me and had the entire process recorded. The questions were set by my lovely Fun Officers (Hoho & Shamo) and yeaaaaap I had no knowledge of the content tillllllll I saw the videos. As I was going through the videos and editing them, I felt super narcissistic hahaha. I took suuuuuuuuuuuuper long to cramp all the videos together from hours to minutes. And I feel kinda bad for leaving out A LOT of other clips behind. 

Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty excited now. Can't wait to show my friends this completed video though I foresee nasty remarks here and there for not including all the clips hahahaha (problems with old friends.........they don't think twice before getting on your nerves) 

Still, I love them all hehe.

Especially my mommy hehe

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