Monday, September 02, 2013


It's nice to be back. I've been wanting to write but I haven't had time. 
I've been drafting this since yesterday till 3AM. But it feels good to be this busy.
I met a lot of my friends last week and hopefully it'd be the same for this week too.


I briefly mentioned in my previous vlog that I celebrated a good friend's birthday. And she's none other than Shamooooooo. I am always the one with all the pictures since... 3-4 years ago but I've always failed to compile them together nicely and upload them. So, this time, I put together the pictures and videos we took that day for specially for this entry. 

This is when I wish I've a private photographer following everywhere I go snapping pictures of my friends and I so that I could be in the moment and ignore the need to pause and capture memories my own. 

So Shamo never likes doing things alone. She always finds ways to have someone accompany her so we figure to start her 20th off by having her doing tasks on her own! (except she kinda cheated and have her other friends accompanied her through texts and call?)

While she was doing the tasks, we were waiting at Group Therapy for very long...
you'll see it all in the video below hehehe.
It was a simple celebration at Group Therapy. Just a small cake and lunch. But it was sufficient and good enough to warm my heart. The staff were really nice and cooperative so the surprise went smoothly. 

So cute hehehehehehehe 
It's amazing to see how much Shamo has grown :')
She wouldn't even wear a dress when I first met her except for school uniform and sari.
That's also cause she had to otherwise... hahahaha. And look at her today awwwww


It's been awhile since I MIA from the scene. I stopped working for awhile because of my skin allergy. Now that I've recovered, I've started going for castings again. But honestly, it's nerve-wrecking. It feels like the very first time all over again. Modelling is definitely not for the weak heart. Some people say after you get the hang of doing things or have been doing it long enough, you'll get used to it. Not for me. I always get sweaty palms before castings. I still do feel adrenaline rush before shows. So, I'm never really immune. It's a love-hate relationship with this job. I've never been committed to it, or rather I don't want to commit myself to it, because I've to constantly remind myself to be practical and realistic. I can never model for long. I've to look out for other alternatives so that I can survive in this pragmatic society.

Met Durrah after casting. This Dudu of mine is flying off to UK soon. She's gonna be there for 2 years. I am so proud of her, being so brave doing something I haven't had the courage to do yet. Thanks to her, I have been doing my research on UK universities and found a few that I like. The reason why I didn't wanna settle on overseas earlier on, is that my citizenship status wasn't confirmed. With my PR status, to go overseas to study, I've to pay SGD50K in advance (on top of everything else) to Ministry of Education as a deposit because I've a bond with them. With the citizenship, it'd much different, the money would be waived off. So now, I don't have to think about the SGD50K which is a relief.

This girl. She's probably the only few poly friends of mine who've seen most of me. And I like that. I like that she and some others noticed me for the very different reason why others did. They befriended me for me and not for the superficial reasons some had. And for that, I'll be forever grateful.

After that, we headed to Sephora to make use of the 15% discount. I've got myself a few lipsticks and the very much raved about Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. I foresee you guys asking me how's it so here's honestly what I feel.... THE REVIEWS ONLINE SPOILED IT FOR ME. 

I read a few scary reviews like, "I had breakouts after using it" or "it's not good for my sensitive skin" and I've received a few testimonials from my friends that their skin didn't receive the product well too. Then, why did I buy right? I thought I could judge it for myself and I was wrong! I was already clouded by all the bad reviews. So, the day I wore the product out, I was feeling so paranoid the entire day. Psychological, I felt my skin was itchy this that this that. So.... I'm sorry guys my review would not be valid at all.

Then, few days later, it's Durrah's farewell party. I got together something really simple for her. Just a letter and the sleeping shorts I bought from BKK which I intend to give to my girlfriends.

Finally got a phone cover in Bangkok cause y'all kept asking about it and made me feel like I should get one instead so... here's one but I'm still not used to it. My phone feels bulky.

It was a really good session, especially to see her in her element with all her other friends whom I've never met before. It was a good feeling to know that the saying "birds of the same feather flock together" is true at that gathering. Was worried about meeting Dudu's friends for the first time, but in the end, they turned out to be a really lovely bunch. I worried for naught.


Decided to rock this new baby for Night Fest. Been finding the right occasion to wear this. 
For those who asked, I got it from Gmarket Korea. And no, I don't have the link to the store.
I don't save the stores I shop in.

Had Genki Sushi with 'em.
It was a really good dinner. 

Yes, I'm that sort who doesn't care much about table etiquette
and would dump the entire sushi into my mouth. Unglam then unglam lo.

So, we ordered gyoza as seen on the tablet (left) and this came (right)....
We didn't know they have this version of gyoza lawlllll we were so amused we had to snap pictures

We then, proceeded to the Night Fest; starting from Cathay!

Saw pictures of this on tumblr, didn't know it's from Singapore Museum!

Then at Night Fest, I had fun trying this... supposedly a circus thing. I don't know what it's called
cause we missed the performance and only queued just to try this thing hahahaha. Cheap thrill.

The girls and I got ourselves some temporary tattoos which
I decided to put on my face. Bad choice bad choice, and I'll tell you why later.

And leave an impression at Night Fest with our "we drop drop drop like grapes"...

After Night Fest, instead of going home with my girls,
I went to Zouk to meet the other girls...


I wanted to head home bad. I felt sticky, smelly and all.
It wasn't right to club in such state. But, that night turned out to be pretty bomb.

Why I would say it's a bad choice to have the temporary on that night cause...
in the dark, people can't tell it's a temp tatt so many thought it's a birthmark instead.
So zzzzzzzzzz


Mom looking real pretty here :')

I really love these women in my life.
No other better role models than them.

Watch this video and you'll get a sense of how my week was like from my perspective.
And meet the people I very much love.

Have a great week ahead!!!!
Time to shower > Hair appt > Castings > Meet my girls 


P.S. I wanted to do a vlog to answer all the questions then I don't know if y'all will check or if it's a good idea cause at the end of the day, I still have to alert the askers that I've answered so I might as well just answer there right? ah.... such hassle. I actually recorded the vlog btw, but I don't think I've time to edit and I don't think y'all gonna be patient so Imma stick to the app hehe.


  1. hey Irina:)
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    1. Google gif maker and click on the first link! :-)