Thursday, September 26, 2013


This month's PMS hasn't been easy. As much as I'm glad that my kind of PMS usually don't come in bouts of anger, I don't appreciate it taking me on a more-than-I-can-handle emotional ride. Beware, this entry may not actually make sense or consist of smooth paragraph transitions. I could almost guarantee an abrupt ending to this entry right now because I am always eager to start but I can never figure how to end. Since there's no closure in my mind to those thoughts, how am I supposed to translate that into writing?

I have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to sit down and think about nothing at all... till today. I was home the entire day to nurse the monthly menstrual cramps. In such typical scenario, somehow, the brain always chooses to flood the unsuspected target with uninvited thoughts he/she can't chase away. And because I haven't been feeling anything heavy lately, this PMS definitely amplifies every single emotions there is.

And to make myself feel better, here I am. Sometimes, I believe if I were to talk/complain/rant about something that's bothering me many times enough, I could almost feel it literally getting off my chest. So, maybe that's why writing and talking always help.

"Sometimes we are not enough for some people but that doesn't mean it's our fault or anything
because sometimes we can also be more than one ever asked for." 
- Sham G.

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