Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Out of all the different humankind on Earth, there's one I truly don't adore. The impression is set to be much worse if it's coming from my very own good friend and yes... that happened. 

I, for one, don't respect individuals who regard break-up lightly; so light that it becomes easily reversible for them too. I'll explain in just a bit what I meant by that. But people like these, I'm sorry to say (or generalize or assume), are the cause of break-up and divorce being hung loosely by the side of the mouth, using it unnecessarily as an advantage point to solve a fight. I'm sure you know of people who suggest it as a solution to every problem. For the tiniest matter, "break up lo."

Break up to me, is something almost irreversible; something as severe as divorce. Isn't that the way it should be? People should go through serious series of contemplations before spewing such words from their mouth. My level of tolerance goes down low to couples who hurl break-up threats casually at one another each time an argument takes place. They simply show me they don't value their relationship as much as they should, and that's a shame.

What's equally horrible as those mentioned above? The ones who can't see through their decision till the end.

A month or two back, my friend just broke up. He's been toying/was toyed by the idea of separation for more than 5 times, again and again. This time round, he said "Guys, this is final" and trust me, it wasn't the first time we heard that. Final never came.

Each time it happened, we tried to believe and offer a 24/7 good-buddy support system to replace the absence of his ex-lover. Gradually, we exhaust ourselves by going through the same motion again and again: break up, listen attentively to whines, throw in cliche motivational quotes, be there for him, meet up more frequently, listen to more complaints about break up, party more, party harder, introduce him to more new friends, more complaints about breakup, sudden MIA for a week or two, receive a news: they patch back..... (?!)

I simply can't see eye-to-eye with people who can't deal with emptiness, thus give in to living in misery. They tend to overestimate their capability in handling the post break-up and when things don't go according to their expectations, they crumble further. They can't seem to embrace/understand the new-found freedom and change. They're momentarily lost and intimidated by it, so they run as faaaaaaaast as they could, back to their comfort zone where they come from (despite it being the initial source of unhappiness anyway). 

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