Monday, September 16, 2013


Because I had time to spare this afternoon, I did up a vlog! :-)   It's really random. It didn't have any purpose to serve except to update you with random things haha. I also know how important it is to have a proper title to videos but I really cannot think of a title so there goes.

Aaaaaand, after slothing for so long, I've finally accepted a test shoot offer because my photographer-friend, Stuart Chen, is back from London!!!! I am so so excited! Let's hope I get some awesome images I can update my book with! Will share the pictures with you guys on Instagram tmr so look forward to thaaaaat!!!! Irina shall sleep early tonight cause dark eye rings + eyebags are getting much worse.


P.S. For the first time, I bother clicking on the ad on my sidebar because GUESS is doing a $200 voucher giveaway. All I did was filling in my particulars. So easy! Please don't assume this is part of an advert ok. I just thought good things must share hahahaha. $200 for GUESS leh, I don't know about your mom but my mom would luuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv it!