Saturday, December 28, 2013


Today, I stayed in bed making up for all the loss time I haven't spent with myself and also thinking about all the unnecessary stuff like tomorrow's shoot and how I'll try to rock it even if I can't. My left eye is basically fucked. I can feel Mr. Sore Eye creeping up on me. I just hope it holds up a little bit till I'm done with tomorrow's job and then, it can swell up however badly it wants (ok maybe not, I take that back).

I'll be shooting for a local designer brand tomorrow, 20:TwoThree. It's gonna amazing cause it's the second campaign I've booked so far. Fronting a campaign, being the campaign girl, is such a huge huge opportunity. At times like this, I am always grateful for client's clearer vision in recognizing what I don't see in myself.

Earlier on, I took my dinner later than my family members because I wanted to stay in bed for a little while more. And, my cousin brother (who's been living with me; as good as my real brother) came into the kitchen and asked if I'd like some soup. The 14-year-old then proceeded scooping me a bowl and placing it before me. After dinner, my mom helped to paint my nails nude for tomorrow's shoot. 

I don't know all this is  but it's always things like that that got me emotional.  In this moment, I feel blessed. 

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