Sunday, December 01, 2013


Or at least, I'd try to keep it short.

I'm upset. 

I'm upset about how picky I am and untrusting towards people when it comes to catsitting Noname. I know I don't have much choice to begin with and yet, I'm being so critical... (I wanna shoot myself). I've considered pets hotel and there's one that Eugene is helping me to look into but Imma have to spend money on that. If I've known earlier that my granny would be away, I'd have saved more in preparation for this.

Now I feel absolutely vulnerable that I'm in need of someone (reliable) from Dec 4-9 and when my granny returns from Malaysia, she can then take over. Yes, I do have friends who volunteered but I'm just so............... urghhhh choosy. I've been saying no to them and I feel so bad for doing so; it drives me nuts. I can't allow myself to say 'yes' if I realized there are things at home are just not ideal for Noname:

1. They have family member(s) who dislike or afraid of cats
2. They can only feed Noname, and won't be home in the day (cause of school/work)
3. They refer me to another friend whom I don't know
4. They already have older cat(s) at home which.... miiiiiiiiiight end up bullying Noname

I hate troubling people. And I don't want any of my friends to get into dispute with their parents, just cause of the mess/trouble Noname might bring(?). We don't know how he'd react in a new environment, do we? So I rather be visionary and consider ALL aspects instead to regret and be sorry later? Yeap. So God, please send me someone I can say 'yes' to already.

Conclusion: from this, I can totally imagine myself being one of those protective parents I hate so much, who's gonna pamper their children to death in future #ermaigawd

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