Saturday, December 28, 2013


How're the people there?

I wouldn't say they are outright racists but some of them just are. Through this trip, I realize I can't stand racism at all. Like how I've zero tolerance for cold, I've zero tolerance for people who see us lesser than we are. It annoyed the shit outta of me when they looked straight right through me or anyone even. Hey, we deserve the respect we've given you. Be fair. The tone some used on me or any other Asians was clearly downright sarcastic and I-obviously-look-down-on-you-Asian. I hated it. 

There was once we asked if we could share seats, they said no to every other Asians and gave the seats away to Europeans. C'mon. Seriously, guys. These people are the way they are, because I can only assume they haven't travelled. They haven't seen what's there to see. They're narrow-minded who still think because of all the colonial history shit that Caucasians still do triumph. If they do travel to Asia countries, they wouldn't be so. This trip has definitely made me think twice about UK but I've also met many English men in Singapore and in New Zealand who told me UK's different so yeah we'll see.

So on the second day, we left Auckland and took a coach down to Waitomo for yes.... 2 hours and 34 minutes thereabout to see what I thought was almost the most amazing thing I've seen in my life: Glowworm
This is it. The Waitomo Caves entrance. The entirely place was nicely done; beautiful architectural stuff and facilities. The choice of materials used to complement the surrounding nature was pretty amazing. The different texture of wood. The type of cement. The color combination of the entire place. It's refreshing to see something this pretty outta nowhere among the greens. 

They also have a restaurant which sold out of their signature Fish & Chips. Note: I haven't had anything "Westernized" yet..... it's all Thai so far. Tell me why wasn't I upset.
Glowworms are very similar to fireflies except they are not. They are in their larvae state (before becoming a worm) and gives off light that way unlike fireflies who'd already completed their..... cycle/metamorphosis? And why do glowworm glow? Apparently during their food-making process, they give off this particular chemical which causes the glow reaction.

It was really really hard to capture images in the caves cause it was literally pitch dark and they were just like stars in the skies. Have you tried taking photos of stars? Tough, isn't it? Exactly. So the images below was what I got from trying so hard: Ugly and Pixelated. Horrible horrible horrible.
And this, what I got off the Internet was the real deal. This was exactly what I saw. No kid. I'm not even exaggerating.  Maybe the real thing was actually nicer. Nature is truly magic. It felt like the entire galaxy was just right before me or that the sky was just an arm-length away. It was such a surreal and beautiful experience. It's nothing like anything I've ever seen. The way they majestically put their beauty out there for people to see.

Bottom: Minkpink from Made By Lauren Jasmine
Knee-high socks: H&M
High-cut boots: Nastygal

From Waitomo, we drove slightly back to Rototua where we'll stay for a night. Another hour plus journey. I must say, the entire New Zealand, I sit on the coach more than I actually been out to experience hahahaha. Yeah.

Once we reached Rototua, we were brought to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park to see kiwis. 
It was a pretty cool place, I learnt "a lot". 

Kiwis (mainly what we went to see) are nocturnals so we didn't get to see them cause they were all hiding, trying to sleep lulz. Brilliant money-making scheme there.
Told you I love supermarkets hahahaha. I thought it was super cute to have this Saving Level Indicator thing on the trolley. The more you buy, the more you save. I didn't get it at first. I had to ask the cashier, "Why is it that the more you buy, the more you save? You end up spending more if you buy more, isn't it?" Apparently this supermarket has some discount stuff where the discount accumulates when you shop more or something like that.

Annnnnnnnnd the price of the battery (below) sent my heart to the moon and back. O M F G. A battery for $13.62......... and what EVERYDAY LOW?! Fuck. It's only $5 here in Singapore. The currency exchange rate blabla makes it almost a dollar to dollar. So it's definitely ridiculous to buy my film camera battery at that price.... no waaaaay, no hell way. Irina walked away without looking back. No flash for the entire trip? Doesn't matter~~~~~~ just walk awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
One of early settlements in New Zealand was the Maoris. And they are still many of them these days in New Zealand. It's pretty cool to say, "I'm the Maori descendant." You'd feel like you're part of something great cause your ancestors were the ones who were there first and made the place possible to live. 

They also have a pretty rad culture, especially when it comes to entertainment or defence. You'll see in my vlog soon but for now, just click on the video below to get an idea of what I saw except what I experienced was way more overwhelming than what's in the video hahaha.

Hot spring. Sulphur. Volcanic stuff.
The sulphuric smell was pretty pungent and obvious throughout the entire town of Rototua. But I guess if you live there long enough, you'd probably be immune. Like how we're immune to our own urine smell but find others revolting..... err, wrong analogy? oops hahahahaaha ok.

I haven't made any countdown plans yet. I'm still thinking how can I make this countdown much more different and more.... exciting than before. How do I start my 2014 right with a bang. 

I just want this to be special.


  1. hey irina! where do you develop your films? do you go to a shop and get it done?
    Thank you so much I hope you have a blessed day ahead x

    1. Hi Tricia! I develop it at Triple D Minilab! About $8? Or $8.50? Around there yeap! :-)

      You have a pleasant week ahead too heh heh