Sunday, December 15, 2013


I am... currently feeling like I'm stuck in between two dimensions. Ain't sure if I've got my feet back on the ground yet. I've spent the entire day in bed (and yes, typing this in bed too). I'm not sure if I'm experiencing jetlag or what but I'm feeling extremely lethargic. I have literally zero will power to achieve anything. I didn't go out to get my films developed, no. I have yet to unpack my stuff, no.

Just allow me to be like for a couple more days. I'll be productive soon. It's probably the impending menses. I took pills to delay it cause I wanna enjoy my NZ trip fully. Now that I'm back, I'm sure it's gonna come anytime soon and... the cramps will probably be ten times worse. 

I'm bed-ready so bring on the red storm. 

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