Thursday, March 14, 2013



Like I've promised, here's my Phuket Day 2 entry.
Today I'll be sharing with you....

It is extremely important to know which sites to go to, to search for all the necessary information I've mentioned in the previous entry. To make things simpler for you when you're planning your next trip, I'm gonna share something I don't with you guys hehehe. Sometimes it is not that I'm selfish, but think about it, the more people know, the faster these cheap flight tickets are gonna be sold out, right? 
Nonetheless, I'm in a good mood so I'm gonna share :-)

I rely on Skyscanner A LOT. I am not exaggerating at all. I probably frequent Skyscanner as much as Facebook haha. It hasn't failed me any bit so far. It collates accurate information of cheap and affordable prices. It is user-friendly and I absolutely adore it. I think having a platform that collects all the data for you, provides such a hassle-free experience than having to look at Tiger, Jetstar, Air Asia individually. 

I am not sure what impression you guys have towards Agoda, but I trust the site. The tip to booking a good hotel is to read through the recent reviews and check if they are written by couples, backpackers, seniors, family of 3 blablabla. Agoda is definitely user friendly and reliable. As compared to other hotel booking sites, Agoda allows me to narrow the filter and advance my search so much more to my liking. Hence, I endorse!

Then again, different people have different preferences. You might agree with me, you might not. Nonetheless, we are just looking for the fastest and convenient way possible. Yeap. My user experience  has been good so far. I don't usually write reviews and stuff (cause I'm lazy), but I wrote reviews on Agoda for both the hotels I stayed in Phuket. 

I love Skyscanner really. I am so glad I found it. When you discover the trick to finding the cheapest flight there (yes, there's a trick but I won't reveal... for now), YOU WILL BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE. Hehehe. No kid, I'm dead serious.

Now, the boring part... (photo spam ahead)

I just realized I didn't exactly touch on where I stayed in the previous post! My bad!
This is what happens when I spam photos. I take it for granted, assume that the photos will do the talking, but obviously not haha. So, instead of Patong, I chose to stay at Kata beach because I think Patong is way too commercialized but do you know what's the irony? 

We travelled on tuktuk twice to Patong, because the stores, shopping malls were all there. So decide for yourself if you can stand the crowd, and noise at Patong. Cause as much as I loveeeeeeeee the malls, stores and whatnots there, I prefer somewhere more laidback and chill. Plus, Patong beach isn't as pretty as Kata. Too much people hence looking more dirty.... :\  

We decided to chill at Kata Noi beach instead of Kata beach because according to the locals, it's nicer there. So we believed what they said, and walked there because according to them also.... it's nearer. Guess what.... IT WASN'T REALLY THAT NEAR. We walked for about 20 minutes? It could be easier and less tiring if weren't for the up and down hills. Downhill was ok, but imagine the stretch of uphill.... omigawddddd! There I was wishing for a chill-a-buhdumdum day.

A hotel we saw, and thought it was quite cool.
But fo' sure expensive, otherwise why isn't it in my list of shortlisted hotels haha!

It was a long long long long long walk, but when we reached there.... 
Ahhh..... It was all wooooooorth it :')

The 4 pictures above were taken using my La Sardina lomo cam. 
Allow me to exclaim: I AM SO SO PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!!!!!
But! There's always a but. But.... out of 2 rolls of film, which means 72 slots, I only got back 38 pictures. The rest were all blank. I was really disappointed. It's probably my fault. It's my first time, hence wasted so so so so so many films and beautiful pictures. I took a lot of pictures, and only got that few back. Sigh. Ok, enough whining and complaining. 

 Kiasu. I spammed sunblock like crazy because I was really afraid I would get any tanner.
Even though, Jerm became much more tanner than me after the trip, I still got questioned by my agency boohoo. I was just thinking about going to Krabiiiiiii, now with the sun and tan and the agency, I am thinking twice gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

The current was so strong, you will never drown. Because before I could make it out there, the wave brought me back....

Doing stupid random silly dance and was caught on camera by Jerm.

And then, we took a tuktuk to go back to our hotel. We couldn't bear the heat to walk alllll the way back. We lazy people. I realize I'm superb in bargaining. 95% of the time, I was the one doing the bargaining. I know, I am such an auntie sigh.

So we then chilled at the rooftop, as usual. I wanted to swim, the lazy Jerm wanted to laze.

After the tiring swim, we decided to head back to the room and freshen up before lunch.
I am so madly in love with this picture. As well as the subject in the picture.

Walked around to explore new places for lunch and found this damn cool, open-concept hotel.

 Old school Coca-cola style.

And then, we continued to laze around in hotel some more
since the weather was burning hot and decided to come out later in the evening.

I love waking up to this face for that few mornings.


Before dinner, I finally tried what everyone's been raving about and asking me to try on Instagram. I've finally tried it and it was AMMAAAAAAZZZEEEEBALLLSSSS. Amazing. 
Banana + Nutella = Awesome combo
Nutella + Chocolate = Brilliant combo

Then we had another round of romantic dinner at Horn Grill Steakhouse. The portion was amazingly hugeeeeeeee but honestly, it wasn't worth the money. Jerm was initially upset and thought we shouldn't waste money on Western food since we were in Thailand. But the reason why I was so bent on trying was because there were many netizens who highly recommend this place and it was voted as a must-go place!!!! Out of curiosity, I convinced Jerm to agree but I didn't like the place. It would nice for honeymooners and adults but not for us. We were the youngest there and we felt awkward as hell.

And that's it for Day 2.
Hope the tips will come in handy.

Look out for Day 3!!!


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