Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Above extracted from Heidi Liu's article, edited to suit my current thoughts.

I don't know how, but she managed to sum up whatever I've been saying my entire life in her article. I gasped when I read because there is someone who actually thinks like me. So much like me. And to think, I thought I was weird to think that way. I'm really grateful she managed to articulate herself so well that now, I know what to say when I want to convey this 'belief' of mine.

Things haven't been well, but that's life. How do you know what is fitted and suited for you? What is right for you? What if something that is politically right doesn't match what your heart feels? Do you trust gut feelings? So many questions to find out and answer as we grow up to be more independent and mature.

Since I have nothing much to do, I have been watching movies, trying to get inspired. Was hoping for something that could provoke my mind to think deeper. Movies, they might have exaggerated some things, but to a certain extent, I believe they're real.

In the movie, Another Year, why are some people so lucky to have found each other and some haven't? Is it merely comprises or is there really a match? Do we make it happen or it should happen naturally? You may not get what I'm trying to say but watch the movie when you've the time.

This couple is beyond perfection. They're aging and they do things together. Everything. They talk about their day, they share, they are just what I want to do if I'm ever that blessed. They've been married for years, this is love. Even though it's just movie, I choose to naively believe the existence of such couple, like how fairytales might be too.

Well, my grandfather and grandmother were like that. That's why I think it is possible for guys to be an absolute angel because thats what I grow up to know, watching how my grandfather doted on my grandma.

I was told by someone that a guy will only truly be man when he's 31. Is that so? I really hope not because that's a hella of time.

People change, and often like it or not, they become the person they said they will never be.

Sorry if this entry doesn't make sense. My thoughts are as disorientated as this post is.

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